The Films of Alfred Hitchcock
Rear Window
Decade after decade, audiences continue to go back to the films of Alfred Hitchcock to find some of most compelling pieces of art ever made. This site attempts to put Marnie and Rear Window into perspective and analyze the films textually, based on what you see on the screen. While some motifs in Hitchcock's career have been widely discussed and analyzed, such as the Hitchcock blonde and the theme of obsession, others are so subtle that only discerning audiences are able to pick up on them. Moreover, some images seem to be unrelated to anything in the film, but when studied in context with other Hitchcock films we are able to see exactly what a certain motif represents.

These two essays were written in the 1998 fall and 1999 spring semesters in fulfillment for an undergraduate course in Film Theory of Criticism. Although I have made some minor revisions, i have maintained the contact intact for the most part. I personally captured the images from VHS copies of the film; while the quality may not be as good as a DVD capture, you may use the images here for your site as long as you link this website from yours. Furthermore, you may use any material from this site for personal use, but all i ask is that you give appropriate credit. If you have any questions, comments, or corrections, please click on the e-mail link to the left to send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you.


Hitchcock and the Making of Marnie

Author Tony Lee Moral has written the first comprehensive study of Marnie. Click on the book cover to follow the link to the Scarecrow Press site, where you will be able to purchase a copy of his book.