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Who we are

Hi we're the Vogt's from Coolamon in New South Wales, Australia. We have been breeding and showing Budgerigars since 1991.

Currently we have a stud of around 280 birds.

We specialise in breeding Pieds, Lutino & Albino Lacewings and the Crested varieties.

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Sexing Budgerigars

Males (Cocks)

Males usually have a blue cere, which is on the top of the beak, except in red eye budgerigars (Albino, Lutino & Fallows) and recessive pieds which have a fleshy colour cere.

Females (Hens)

All hens have a brown cere, when the cere is a dark brown the bird is ready to breed.

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Breeding can be done in two ways -

Colony breeding

This is done simply by placing nest boxes into your aviary and letting the birds pair themselves. The disadvantage is that there is no control over the pairings which makes record keeping hard and also could lead to the pedigree being lost / reduced.

Selective Breeding

This is the best way to breed. A pair of Budgerigars are placed into a breeding box, this allows you to have some control over the resulting offspring's colour and expected size and markings. Records can be kept and the general quality of the stud can be expected to improve over the years.

Breeding Box

We construct our boxes to the following dimensions - Cage 18"x12"x12" with the nest box being 12"x6"x6". The Entry to the nest box is a 2" diameter hole, the front hole is for air circulation. The nest box floor is covered with saw dust hence the two doors. A removable slide out tray is fitted to the bottom of the cage for easy cleaning.

Our Breeding Box Design.

For saving space the nest box can be on either side this allows the boxes to be staggered when stacked.

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Scaly Face / Beak Mite is one of the most common diseases Budgerigars get. This disease is actually a parasite that infests itself on and around the birds cere (The coloured part of the beak) and feet. This is easily treated by putting on a mixture of 50% Dettol (antiseptic) and 50% liquid paraffin.

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Current Projects

Crested Budgies

We are currently trying to breed some bigger crested Budgerigars by pairing them out to some of our bigger Budgerigars. This we found out is a long and hard project, as only 1 in 10 of the offspring are crested and the other 9 are crested cross which we don't breed because the chance of getting a crested is even less.


Yellow Face Cinnamon Grey

Yellow Faced Budgies

Another project is Y/F Grey, we have got some reasonable sized Y/F, but we are still having trouble as they are all bred from the same parents. We are currently outbreeding them to our normals, but this reduces the number of yellow face offspring that can be expected.

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Contact Information

If you have any specific question or comments please email us.

Electronic mail address -

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Last Revised: 27 February 2000

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