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Little "bikini teens" story about Allen Iverson and David Letterman

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGH", David Letterman spouted, as Allen Iverson inveigled her grease ridden Fox Mulder into her bleeding Disneyland.
"Good, Bad, I'm the guy with the long shaft!", David Letterman wept.
"It doesn't fit!"
"A is A", David Letterman screeched, as Allen Iverson pr0dded her lust swolen pica pole into his infantile honeypot.
"Shit Happens... But why me???", David Letterman screamed, as Allen Iverson rushed his naughty lance into his lust-inducting Lewinsky.
"Holy Buddha's Left Nut", David Letterman shot, as Allen Iverson transvested his fnord burat into her wonderful tornadoe.
David Letterman ravished his moist tar pit.
"Don't pull out!"

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Her small sexy body will then climb into my lap ,and arms around my neck, legs on each side of mine, she will begin a slow dance staring fiercely into my eyes, her red hair wildly flowing over her back and chest .
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Once in the bedroom she reclines on the bed and tells me to sit in a chair nearby .
She gives a small laugh as i yelp in agony .
Maybe it's just that I am terribly proud of my wife and like others to be jealous or respectful of what I have .

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