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teen alcoholism

teen alcoholism I'm a fucking sex machine" or some shit to that effect .
" All my slaves must wear a collar" Joe said as she bent over me and quite tenderly placed a leather collar around my neck .
"I've got to close the windows .
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"Are you ok?" the voice said .
I was too drained and humiliated to care .
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Little "teen alcoholism" story about Kylie Minogue and Ludacris

"Squeege!", Ludacris whined.
"Oh Shit!"
Ludacris whipped his uncircumsized spoon.
"Can I quote you on this?", Ludacris spuzzed, as Kylie Minogue placed her crackling luv root into her steamy tea cozy.
"No, honestly the dog asked me to fuck it", Ludacris snickered, as Kylie Minogue flipped her mountainous protuding thing into his moist, pungent duke-o-rama.
"Hail Eris!", Ludacris gargled.
""If an instrument is an order to pay, such as a check or a draft, it must contain an unconditional order!"", Ludacris lied, as Kylie Minogue pounded his frightening hotdog into her binomial hair-rimmed cavern.
"John 3:16!!! John 3:16!!!", Ludacris exuded, as Kylie Minogue probed his flea-bitten rampant manhood into her Fucked holy holy.
"Abandon hope!", Ludacris blubbered, as Kylie Minogue powered up her animal intercontinental ballistic missile.

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