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Latest Publications

1. Ayodhya: The Finale – Science versus Secularism in the Excavations Debate by Koenraad Elst (PB) 65.00

2. Religion as Knowledge — The Hindu Concept by Janaki Abhisheki (Agency) (PB) 300.00


Earlier publications still available

By Arun Shourie 

3. Courts and their Judgments: Premises, Prerequisites, Consequences (HB) 495.00

4. The World of Fatwas or The Shariat in Action (HB) 450.00

5. "The Only Fatherland": Communists, ‘Quit India’ and the Soviet Union (HB) 150.00

6. These Lethal, Inexorable Laws: Rajiv, His Men and His Regime (PB) 125.00

7. The State As Charade: V.P. Singh, Chandra Shekhar and the rest (PB) 125.00

8. Harvesting Our Souls: Missionaries, their design, their claims (HB) 450.00


By Koenraad Elst

9. Ayodhya: The Case Against the Temple (HB) 300.00 (PB) 150.00

10. Gandhi and Godse: A Review and A Critique (HB) 200.00 (PB) 120.00

11. Who is A Hindu?: Hindu Revivalist Views of Animism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Other Offshoots of Hinduism (HB) 500.00 (PB) 240.00

12. The Saffron Swastika: The Notion of Hindu Fascism", 2 vols. (HB) 900.00 (PB) 600.00

13. Decolonizing the Hindu Mind: Ideological Development of Hindu Revivalism (Agency) (HB) 595.00

14. Update on the Aryan Invasion Debate (PB) 250.00

15. Bharatiya Janata Party vis-ˆ-vis Hindu Resurgence (HB) 150.00 (PB) 90.00

16. Negationism in India: Concealing the Record of Islam (PB) 120.00

17. Psychology of Prophetism: A Secular Look at the Bible (HB) 125.00

18. The Demographic Siege (PB) 30.00


By Suhas Majumdar

19. Jihad: The Islamic Doctrine of Permanent War (PB) 95.00


By Harsh Narain

20. Myths of Composite Culture and Equality of Religions (First Reprint) (PB) 45.00

21. Jizyah and the Spread of Islam (First Reprint) (PB) 30.00


By David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri)

22. Hinduism and the Clash of Civilizations (HB) 350.00 (PB) 180.00

23. The Rig Veda and the History of India (Rig Veda Bharata Itihasa) (Agency) (HB) 550.00

24. The Myth of the Aryan Invasion of India (Second Enlarged Edition) (PB) 40.00

25. How I Became A Hindu: My Discovery of Vedic Dharma (First Reprint) (HB) 200.00 (PB) 120.00

26. Hinduism: The Eternal Tradition (Sanatana Dharma) (revised edition) (PB) 100.00

27. Awaken Bharata: A Call for India’s Rebirth with a Foreword by Ram Swarup (HB) 250.00 (PB) 150.00

28. Arise Arjuna: Hinduism and the Modern World (Third Reprint) (PB) 100.00


By David Frawley and Navaratna S. Rajaram

29. Vedic Aryans and The Origins of Civilization: A Literary and Scientific Perspective (Third Edition with Three Supplements) (PB) 180.00


By N. Jha and N.S. Rajaram

30. The Deciphered Indus Script: Methodology, readings, interpretations (Agency) (HB) 950.00

By Navaratna S. Rajaram

31. Profiles in Deception: Ayodhya and the Dead Sea Scrolls (HB) 300.00 (PB) 180.00

32. A Hindu View of the World: Essays in the Intellectual Kshatriya Tradition (HB) 250.00 (PB) 150.00


By Ram Swarup

33. Understanding Islam through Hadis: Religious Faith or Fanaticism? (PB) 180.00

34. Meditations: Yogas, Gods, Religions with a Foreword by David Frawley (HB) 300.00 (PB) 180.00

35. The Word as Revelation: Names of Gods with a Foreword by David Frawley (HB) 200.00 (PB) 120.00

36. Hindu View of Christianity and Islam (Third Reprint) (PB) 90.00

37. Woman in Islam (First Reprint) (PB) 45.00

38. On Hinduism: Reviews and Reflections with a Foreword by David Frawley (HB) 250.00 (PB) 150.00

39. Pope John Paul II on Eastern Religions and Yoga: A Hindu-Buddhist Rejoinder (PB) 40.00

40. Whither Sikhism? (Introduction to No.92 below, reprinted) (PB) 15.00


By K.S. Lal

41. Theory and Practice of Muslim State in India (HB) 450.00 (PB) 200.00

42. Legacy of Muslim Rule in India (HB) 350.00

43. Muslim Slave System in Medieval India (HB) 175.00 (PB) 120.00

44. Growth of Scheduled Tribes and Castes in Medieval India (HB) 175.00 (PB) 120.00

45. Indian Muslims: Who Are They (HB) 125.00 (PB) 65.00


By Shrikant G. Talageri

46. The Rigveda: A Historical Analysis (Agency) (HB) 750.00

47. Aryan Invasion Theory and Indian Nationalism (updated edition) 2003 (PB) 150.00

48. The Aryan Invasion Theory: A Reappraisal with a foreword by Dr. S.R. Rao (Agency) (HB) 350.00


By Abhas Chatterjee

49. Hindu Rashtriya ki Avadharna (in Hindi) (PB) 30.00

50. The Concept of Hindu Nation (PB) 20.00


By Sita Ram Goel

51. The Calcutta Quran Petition (Third Revised and Enlarged Edition) (PB) 150.00

52. Freedom of Expression: Secular Theocracy Versus Liberal Democracy (HB) 200.00 (PB) 120.00

53. Heroic Hindu Resistance to Muslim Invaders (636 AD to 1206 AD) (Second Reprint) (PB) 30.00

54. Hindu Temples: What Happened To Them, Volume I: A Preliminary Survey (Second Rearranged and Enlarged Edition) (PB) 150.00

55. Hindu Temples: What Happened to Them, Volume II: The Islamic Evidence (First Reprint of Second Enlarged Edition) (PB) 150.00

56. Islam vis-a-vis Hindu Temples (First Reprint) (PB) 30.00

57. Muslim Separatism: Causes and Consequences (PB) 95.00

58. The Story of Islamic Imperialism in India (Reprint of Second Revised Edition) (PB) 75.00

59. Catholic Ashrams: Sannyasins or Swindlers? (Second Enlarged Edition) (HB) 150.00 (PB) 100.00

60. History of Hindu-Christian Encounters: AD 304 to 1996 (Second Revised and much Enlarged Edition) (PB) 150.00

61. Jesus Christ: An Artifice for Aggression (First Reprint) (PB) 60.00

62. Pseudo-Secularism, Christian Missions, and Hindu Resistance (Introduction to No.63 above, reprinted) (PB) 40.00

63. Vindicated By Time: The Niyogi Committee Report on Christian Missionary Activities, Text edited with an Introduction (HB) 500.00

64. Defence of Hindu Society (Reprint of Third Enlarged Edition) (PB) 45.00

65. Hindu Society Under Siege (Fifth Reprint) (PB) 20.00

66. Hindus and Hinduism: Manipulation of Meanings (PB) 20.00

67. How I Became A Hindu (Third Reprint) (PB) 20.00

68. Genesis and Growth of Nehruism, Volume I: Commitment to Communism (HB) 150.00 (PB) 100.00

69. India’s Secularism: New Name for National Subversion (PB) 60.00

70. Perversion of India’s Political Parlance (PB) 20.00

71. Stalinist "Historians" Spread the Big Lie (PB) 20.00

72. Time For Stock Taking: Whither Sangh Parivar? (HB) 350.00 (PB) 210.00

73. Hindu Samaj (in Hindi) (PB) 10.00

74. Nal Damyanti (in Hindi) (PB) 45.00

75. Pandhava Priya Panchali (in Hindi) (PB) 45.00

76. Saptsheel (in Hindi) (HB) 300.00

77. Satyakam Sokaratej (in Hindi) (PB) 75.00

78. Shaktiputra Shivaji (in Hindi) (PB) 75.00

79. Samyaka-Sambudha (in Hindi) (PB) 60.00


By Anirvan

80. Inner Yoga (Antaryoga) with an Introduction by Ram Swarup placing the prophetic creeds on the map of Yogic Consciousness (PB) 25.00

81. Hindi translation of Inner Yoga 15.00


By Other Authors

82. The Life of Mahomet by Sir William Muir with an introduction by Ram Swarup (PB) 300.00

83. In the Path of God: Islam and Political Power by Daniel Pipes (Indian Reprint) (PB) 240.00

84. Subjects, Citizens and Refugees: Tragedy in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (1947-1998) by Saradindu Mukherjee (Agency) (HB) 350.00

85. The Prolonged Partition and Its Pogroms Testimonies on Violence against Hindus in East Bengal (1946-1964) by A.J. Kamra with a Foreword by Koenraad Elst (HB) 250.00

86. India at Century’s End: Essays in History and Politics by Subhash Kak (HB) 200.00

87. The Rushdie Affair: The Novel, The Ayatollah, and The West by Daniel Pipes (Indian Reprint) (PB) 180.00

88. The Road to Ayodhya by Jay Dubashi (PB) 75.00

89. The Myth of Saint Thomas and The Mylapore Shiva Temple by Ishwar Sharan (Second Revised Edition) (PB) 100.00

90. Woman, Church and State: A Historical Account of the Status of Woman through the Christian Ages by Matilda Joslyn Gage, reprint with an Introduction by Sita Ram Goel (PB) 150.00

91. Mohammed and The Rise of Islam by D.S. Margoliouth, reprint with an Introduction by Ram Swarup (PB) 120.00

92. Muslim League Attack on Sikhs And Hindus In The Punjab 1947 by Gurbachan Singh Talib, reprint with an Introduction by Ram Swarup (PB) 120.00

93. The Goa Inquisition by A.K. Priolkar (Second Reprint) (PB) 90.00

94. Malabar and The Portuguese by K.M. Panikkar (Reprint) (PB) 100.00

95. The Ayodhya Reference: Supreme Court Judgement and Commentaries by Swapan Dasgupta, Arun Jaitley, Justice M. Rama Jois, S.P. Gupta, Koenraad Elst and Arun Shourie (PB) 75.00

96. Kanhadade Prabandha of Padmanabha: A Fourteenth Century Saga of Hindu Heroism vis-a-vis Islamic Imperialism, translated into English and introduced by V.S. Bhatnagar (PB) 30.00

97. Arun Shourie and His Christian Critic 20.00

98. Sikh Itihas mei Shri Ram-Janmabhumi (in Hindi) by Rajendra Singh (PB) 60.00


By K.D. Sethna (Agency)

99. The Problems of Ancient India (HB) 500.00

100. Ancient India in a New Light (Reprint) (HB) 500.00

101. The Problems of Aryan Origins (HB) 450.00

102. Karpasa in Prehistoric India: A Chronological and Cultural Clue with an introduction by H.D. Sankalia (HB) 200.00


Other Agency Publications

103. The Lost City of Dvaraka by S.R. Rao (HB) 1500.00

104. Dawn and Devolution of the Indus Civilization by S.R. Rao (HB) 1600.00

105. The Vedic Harappans by Bhagwan Singh (HB) 850.00

106. The Mughal Harem by K.S. Lal (HB) 800.00

107. India’s Rebirth: Selections from Sri Aurobindo’s Writings 1893-1950 (PB) 120.00