How to order for books

  1. HB stands for hard-bound and PB for card-bound editions.
  2. Indicate clearly in your order the edition (HB or PB) you want.
  3. Do not order PB editions of those books which are listed as HB only in our catalogue.
  4. Because of exorbitant increase in the postal rates, actual postage will be added to the price of the book(s). Please do not send advance payment for the books you order. Write to us for the exact amount to be remitted.
  5. Remit price by Money Order for small purchases.
  6. Send Demand Draft drawn in favour of Voice of India on any bank in Delhi/New Delhi for larger purchases.
  7. Outstation cheques will not be accepted unless Rs.25 is added towards collection charges. This charge is subject to revision of charge by banks.
  8. Cheques and Demand Drafts should be drawn in favour of Voice of India; we have no account in the name of Bharata Bharati.
  9. We are not general booksellers and handle only books listed in this catalogue. Please do not ask for other books.
  10. We have no distributors or stockists anywhere in India or abroad. Please place your orders  with us.
  11. For overseas orders please send an e-mail to the publishers (e-mail address: with a list of books you would like to buy.