Since January 22nd 1973, when the U.S Supreme Court handed down a most infamous, shameful ruling in Roe V. Wade, the following have happend in the United States: More than 43 million unborn babies have been killed by abortion. Approximately 1.4 more unborn babies are killed each year by abortion (or, one baby every 20 seconds) To put this in perspective, consider the following: Approximately the same number of victims died in the September 11, 2001, terrorists attacks on New York and Washington as are killed every day by abortion! More unborn american babies each year than have American Soldiers been killed in all of her wars!
Hitler and his nazi regime killed six- million Jews during the holocaust, which is but one-seventh the number of unborn  children that American physicians have killed in America's Holocaust! Of every 100 pregnancies, approximately 28 American mothers choose to have their unborn babies killed by abortion. Abortion has become a legal method of birth control for the American people unable to control the gift of sex given by God for procreation and cementing a husband-wife relationship in marriage. One in every 4 American women of child bearing age has had an abortion. As abortion has received legal recognition and public support, the value of life has been greatly deminished. Homicides, "throw away babies" (babies disposed in dumpsters), and other physical violence have increased. It is more than coincidence that  a society which condones violence against and killing of unborn children would also be characterized by violence and killing of people after birth?
Politicians, feminists, attorneys, judges, news commentators, and others spew a steady stream of propaganda to keep the issue of "choice" alive. Can any Christian believe that God approves of abortion? Can any Christian believe that God is proud of America because of all the abortions preformed in this country? Can any Christian believe that  is God's will that we contiue aborting babies? It is because of the Apathy of Christians that abortion has reached such proportions in this country. Abortion is one of the great sins in America at this present time. If you are a Christian and you do not speak out against abortion, the blood of aborted babies is on your hands !

The bible tells us that of all of God's creations on Earth, mankind alone is created in the  image of God. That is, each man or woman has the unique essence of God-an eternal spirit, or soul.  We should tremble at the very prospect of killing-or advocating the killing of-another person made in God's image!
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