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Voice Messaging

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Build Your Business By Voice Messaging Technology

Voice Messaging

 Send and Receive Voice Messages to anyone in the worldwide without incurring Long Distance charges via the world's largest privately owned Voice networks. We have Local Access numbers just about everywhere !

 Voice Messaging Assistant

Check your Email from all of your accounts using Orchestrate, the next generation web portal. Now you can simplify your life and manage your Email and Voicemail Messages in one, convenient place.

 Voice Messaging Recruiter

Effectively communicate with your customers and recruit new business through customized messages 24 hours/day,7 days/week.With immediate connect and Voicemail features you will capture ALL your sales leads.


  • Voicecom Basic works just like regular Voicemail but it is more than a basic Voicemail Box ! In addition to accessing your Messages Via the Telephone, Voicecom Basic sends your Voicemail to your E-mail, allowing you to listen to Voicemail Messages from your computer.

Voicecom Basic Voice Messaging

EVE gives you...

  • Local Phone Access
    Associates dial a personal Local Phone number to leave a Voice Message. You can forward all busy and unanswered calls from all of your phones to your number, creating one Mailbox for all of your Messages.

  • Voice Mail on the Web
    Listen to your VoiceMail Messages at your computer. Voice Mail Messages appear in your E-mail inbox as RealAudio attachments. Simply open the E-mail, click on the attachment and you will hear the Message through your Computer speakers.

Click here for Plans and Pricing       

Assistant Voice Messaging FEATURES, BENEFITS

Assistant Voice Messaging

  1. Assistant works as your personal, digital support staff, helping you manage your critical communications when you are in or out of the office. An advanced Telephony Based solution, Assistant gives you the benefit of accessing your Voice, Fax and Email Messages by Phone. You will be able to discreetly preview all of your Calls from anywhere and then choose how to handle them. Plus, you can use your Assistant number to make Long Distance Calls and Conference Calls for only 6.9 cents per minute

  2. And when you are in the office, the Assistant saves you time by Sending every Incoming Message to your existing email inbox. Access your Voice, Fax and Email Messages from your desktop. Just click to hear Voicemail and view Faxes - right alongside your email messages. Then manage all these messages as easily as you do email.

Features and Pricing

  • Voicecom Assistant is offered in two service plans to better suit your business needs. Voicecom conveniently bills your Assistant monthly service fee and use charges to your credit card. (Note: Each new account is subject to a nominal \$15 one-time activation/setup fee.

Service Plans :

Plan One Price: $19.95/month   

  • Service Fee

  • Includes 200 anytime minutes per month

  • Accessing service through personal 800 number

  • Caller Connect

  • Conference Calls (per party)

  • Long Distance Calls

Plan Two Price: $29.95/month   

  • Service Fee

  • Includes 400 anytime minutes per month (a savings of 30% on your minutes)

**Additional service usages is billed at 6.9 cents/minute


Features and Benefits

  • Voicecom Recruiter Provides you with a personal 800 number to help you communicate with your customers and recruit new business. Using Recruiter, you will be able to consistently tell your story through customized Messages to hundreds of Callers easily and efficiently 24 hours a day. And when your customers want more information, Recruiter Voice Messaging Sends it for you with a convenient Fax Back option - now you'll never miss a sales opportunity because you weren't available to provide additional information! Also, withimmediate connect and Voicemail features you can rest easy that you are capturing all your sales leads.

Benefits :

  • Customize your sales and recruiting voice messages.

  • Track your sales leads by Phone or Email.

  • Provides 24 hour sales information.

  • Your customers never hear a busy signal.

  • Access your sales leads by Phone or Internet.


  • Welcome Greeting

  • 3 Customizable Messages

  • Fax Back Option

  • Connect Immediately Option

  • Voicemail to Email Option

  • Unlimited Access through personal 800 number

Applications :

  • Generating new leads for your downline.

  • Using one number in promotions to capture sales leads.

  • Quickly providing additional product information.

  • Connecting with prospects instantly.


  • One time Set-up fee $15.00

  • Monthly Service Cost $9.95/month

  • Cost for Calls made to your 800 number 6.9 cents/min


  • Using Recruiter, you will be able to consistently tell your story through customized Messages to hundreds of Callers easily and efficiently 24 hours a day. You are just a click away from automating the sales process!In addition, Voicecom conveniently bills your Recruiter Voice Messaging monthly service fee and use charges to your credit card. (Note: Each new account is subject to a nominal $15 one-time activation/setup fee. Recruiter Access Numbers are set up within 3-5 business days of your order.)

Voice Messaging Services

  Some of the features that you get with Voice Messaging Recruiter service :

  1. Customized Greetings - Your voice can welcome a Caller and instruct them to select an option, such as listen to a pre-recorded sales message, request a Fax, or reach you live.

  2. 24/7 Sales Messages - Callers can select at anytime to hear customized announcements you record about your business.

  3. Fax on Demand - Callers can request to have a Fax delivered at any time to any Fax number (within the domestic US).

  4. Voicemail - Callers can leave you a message when you are not available.

  5. Caller Transfer - Callers can be transferred at any time to any Phone number (within the domestic US).


Use Voice Messaging Recruiter to Promote Own Business :

  1. The Customized Greetings let you record a personalized greeting and menu options so customers always recognize your business.

  2. With 24/7 Sales Messages, your customers can hear about the latest Promotions at any time of the day or night.

  3. The Fax on Demand feature allows your customers to request printed information, such as monthly specials, order forms, or directions, without interruptions to your office staff.

  4. Since VoiceMail Messages are automatically Forwarded to your E-mail account, your message inbox never gets full.

  5. Caller Transfer allows customer to reach you live without having to call a second number.


Callers can Send a Fax to my Recruiter Voice Messaging Service :

  • The service is unable to receive Faxes from Callers at this time. However, it can Send Fax Messages when a Caller selects a Fax on Demand feature.

I am going to give the Recruiter Voice Messaging Service number to a lot of people. Are there any  capacity issues ?

Recruiter Voice Messaging is a powerful service designed to support your business:

  1. Multiple people can access your service at the same time, eliminating the frustration caused by busy signals.

  2. Voicemail Messages automatically arrive in your E-mail account, so there is no danger of losing business because of too many Voicemail in your Messaging inbox.

  3. Since Voicemail Messages are sent to your E-mail account, you can organize and archive your Voicemail Messages indefinitely.

There are any limits to the Voice Messaging Recruiter features :

  1. Customized Greetings - You can record a welcome and menu options greeting (each up to 5 minutes in length).

  2. 24/7 Sales Messages - You can record up to 3 customized announcements (up to 5 minutes in length).

  3. Fax on Demand - You can add up to 2 Fax Messages with no page limit.

  4. Voicemail - You can allow Callers to leave Voicemail Messages (up to two minutes in length).

  5. Caller Transfer - You can allow Callers to reach you live at any Phone number (within the domestic US).

The features available to the caller in a particular order, you can mix them up

The features are available as menu options in a fixed order. The menu options are as follows :

  1. Option 1 - 3: For 24/7 Sales Messages only

  2. Option 4 - 5: For Fax on Demand only

  3. Option 6: For Voicemail only

  4. Option 7: For Caller Transfer only

You can choose to activate each feature by recording a customized menu options greeting that Directs Callers to the respective feature. Since all of the features are available with Recruiter Voice Messaging Service, you can choose to activate as many or as few features as necessary. Here are some examples of customized menu options:

  •   Example of menu options greeting for Voice Messaging Recruiter service with an activated Sales Message, Fax and Voicemail feature:

  1. Press 1 for more information about our products

  2. Press 4 to download an order form to any Fax Machine

  3. Press 6 to leave a Voice Message

Example of a menu options greeting for Voice Messaging Recruiter service with all available features activated :

  1. Press 1 to hear more about this month's product line up

  2. Press 2 to hear more about available promotions

  3. Press 3 to find out how to become a member

  4. Press 4 to download an order form to any Fax Machine

  5. Press 5 to download a product list to any Fax Machine

  6. Press 6 to leave a message

  7. Press 7 to reach me

You can get a vanity number.You can select the Toll Free number for my Voice Messaging Recruiter service.

  • The Toll Free number for your service is automatically assigned to your account. Therefore, you cannot select a number for the service.

Easily change my Voice Messaging Recruiter features.

  • You have the power to activate each feature of  Voice Messaging Recruiter service. You can choose to activate each feature by recording a customized menu options greeting that directs Callers to the respective feature. For additional information on activating a feature, please refer to the Recruiter Quick Start guide.

Are there any features that I require me to contact Voicecom ?

  •   Yes, you must contact Voicecom's Client Services to modify the e-mail address associated with the Voicemail feature, to update your call forwarding number for the Caller Transfer feature, or to reset your passcode.

How do I listen to my Voicemail ?

  • Voice Messages are automatically delivered to your E-mail Account as sound attachments (Real Audio format) so that you can hear them at any time and save them just like E-mail. If you do not have Real Audio player installed on your computer, you can obtain a Free copy of it by visiting http://www.real.com

Can I listen to my Voice Messages using a Telephone ?

  • Though you cannot listen to your VoiceMail from a Telephone, your VoiceMail will be forwarded to the E-mail account you provided. The "From:" field of each E-mail Messages will contain the Phone number of the Caller so your E-mail Messages can be easily organized.

How long does it take for one of my Callers to download a Fax ?

  • The length of time varies, from 15 seconds to a minute to print each page, depending on the type of Fax Machine your Caller is using.

Will Recruiter hang up on my Callers after they listen to a Voice Message, or will they have the ability to choose multiple options on the same Call ?

  1. After listening to an Announcement, Voice Messaging Recruiter does give your Callers the ability to select other activated features from the Menu option. However, if a Caller selects a Fax on demand, they will not be able to return to the main menu option.

  2. If your Caller chooses the Caller Transfer feature, he or she will be transferred to the number you provided. If you do not answer, your Caller will be sent back to the Menu Options greeting to select another feature.

How is Voice Message Recruiter billed ?

  • Recruiter is billed in full-minute increments from the moment your Welcome Greeting answers.

Service Send Fax by Email.Fax to E-mail,Emal to Fax.Internet Faxing.Broadcast Fax.Send Faxes via your Email.Low cost Long Distance Call

  • Send Fax present - the Email-to-Fax service. Now you can SAVE MONEY and RELAX - no need to spend hours monitoring your Fax Machine, you will never run out of paper again and no more paper jam! Save up to 50% on your Long Distance bill. Easy to use. No software to download. No systen requirements to meet. Pay only for actual transmission time

The Ease of Internet Faxing ! Send Fax by Email

  • Using Faxaway is as easy as addressing E-mail to [recipient's Fax number] @faxaway.com and clicking send. (Example: 12064794429@faxaway.com) The E-mail Message arrives at the Faxaway Internet node in the US and is Faxed through our state-of-the-art high-speed equipment to the proper destination.

Save Up to 50% and More Over Other Services !

  • Most Faxing services charge you for every page. You save with Faxaway because you only pay for actual transmission time ...and at incredibly low per minute rates billed in six-second increments. Furthermore, retries to busy fax machines are FREE ! No matter where you are, the fax originates in the US, so you get the advantage of the best Long-Distance Rates in the worldwide !

Special Features That Save You Time !

Faxaway gives you access to a powerful suite of Faxing tools which provide you speed and dependability from our own state-of-the-art Fax servers:

  • FaxBack enables you to send the same document out as many times as necessary to any Fax number. This feature allows others to receive important information from you about your company, product, or service; or access your resume or any other documents you need to " FaxBack ." Print a copy of the FaxBack user's guide.

  • Broadcast Faxing puts the power of sophisticated corporate telecommunications delivery systems on every desktop. Distribute information to hundreds - even thousands - of Fax recipients in one easy step. Simple commands allow you to maintain and update distribution lists on Faxaway's servers for easy access and efficient transmissions. Learn more about Broadcast Faxing on Faxaway's Broadcast Fax FAQ page.

  • Email Confirmation will always be sent to you confirming the status of the Fax Transmission. Faxaway will make 4 attempts to reach the addressed destination before notifying you of a failed effort

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