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Voice of Id 09/04/01

Changed to the new place, http://members.home.net/voiceofid

Added a new link - [My art]

Started on the web log again...

Voice of Id 08/23/01

Added more pictures in the picture page, yes....

Voice of Id 07/15/01

Have a banner on almost top of each page now, tell me what ya think.

Also, adding a feedback like thing at the end of each web log entry, hope that'll encourage feed back, thanks.

Voice of Id 07/14/01

Will be going away, website will not be updated for 3 weeks.

Changed the Words page a bit, slowly doing logos for each of the pages.

Voice of Id 07/10/01

Everything is back online, sorry my PC has been down for the last few weeks, wasn't able to update.

Voice of id 06/09/01

Added a picture from the MTV Movies awards 2k1 into the pictures page

Got the logo done!

Voice of Id 06/07/01

Added a lot of stuff into Words........ 

Added music into a few of selected pages..........

Voice of id 06/04/2001

Changed the "Other stuff" into "Words" and updated it!

Changed the web log setup, check it out!

Voice of id 05/17/2001

Finally have the last link on the index page to lead to some where! yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Voice of id 05/07/2001

Added a picture to the picture page. The web log has a lot of daily readers now.... hmmm... I think I gotta make the thing become private, because some people are reading it and feel offensive, but they won't stop reading it! My god! Trying to set it up so it becomes password only.

Voice of id 04/22/2001

After this update, I won't mention about updates in the web log, because I am LAZY :-p!

Demon of Elru 04/21/2001

OOOOKay!! Decided to add this update thingy under the links! 

Also today, I received an e-mail from a lady name Bianca,  who likes my old album. well...this page is just as lame...so it doesn't really matter. She introduced me web log @ www.Xanga.com I will not post her link here, since I do not have permission to do so. Since I read her web log, I decided that I'll start a "web log wanna be" here at my own web page! W00T!