VOICE of the BLIND  (Kingston) Incorporated

Vision Opportunity Interest Challenge Encouragement
Blind & Low vision Individual Neighborhood Dividend

Who we are, and What we do.

VOICE of the BLIND (Kingston) is a community service organization. Together we share our strengths and talents through our Vision of positive attitude to create Opportunity and Interests for Challenge and Encouragement. Individuals striving for these goals in their Neighborhood, be that a street, church, work place or community foster Dividends for all people of the community. Therein lies the Goals and Objectives for our small group of people who are blind or have limited vision. VOICE of the BLIND (Kingston) is an incorporated, insured, registered charity and self supporting through our own fund raising efforts. VOICE of the BLIND (Kingston) is independent of any other organization 'of' or 'for' the blind.

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