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  1. To develop an awareness among parents and educators about child and juvenile sexual harassment, as well as the impact of this phenomenon on the emotional states of children and its continuing repercussions into adulthood.

  2. To develop programs and activities for the prevention of sexual harassment among children, programs which seek to both raise parents' and educators' awareness of the phenomenon and outline various means for addressing and treating school-based sexual harassment.

  3. To propose and disseminate specific guidelines in all Israeli educational institutions, beginning in preschools, which set forth a protocol for the treatment of sexual harassment cases, and which, if implemented, would help ensure a pleasant, tolerant, and respectful environment for the education and growth of children in schools.

  4. To function as a public body which is prepared to represent and protect the rights of the child in formal cases of sexual harassment.

  5. To initiate, encourage, and promote specific school-based activities on behalf of the harassed child in her/his immediate surroundings.

  6. To influence decision makers and the policy formulation process as it relates to the prevention and treatment of sexual harassment among children.

  7. To coordinate the association's activities with similar organizations and associations in Israel and abroad.

  8. To initiate, support, and organize meetings between practioners and academics working in this area.

  9. To lobby political institutions to legislate and enforce new regulations and laws whose aim is to prevent sexual harassment among children under the age of 18.

Voice of the Child - Association for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Among Children

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