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Volume II, Issue I, 21 August 2002

Latuff's Exclusive Interview
Baracão loves its Outreach. Any visit to the EzBoard or the website will end up with the user looking at some kind of image conveying a political message. One of the most effective forms of propaganda is the political cartoon, and one of the most effective political cartoonists in the world today is Carlos Latuff, author of the famous 'We Are All Palestinian' series, depicted the many oppressed people of the world over history (Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, Blacks in South Africa and so on), comparing them all to the oppressed people of Palestine. The State News Agency hereby brings you a world exclusive interview with Carlos Latuff, who we thank very much for his time.

Voice of the Republic: How did you get involved in art? Do you come from an artistic background?
Carlos Latuff: Since the kindergarten, when I won a drawing contest. My prize: a big coloured lollipop. My dream was to be an artist when adult. I don't have exactly an artistic background. There is not an artist among my parents and relatives.

VotR: Which particular movement first grabbed your attention and made you draw politically?
CL: I started political cartooning in 1990, but not for political reasons. I had quit my one-year-job as illustrator in a little advertising company and decided to be a freelancer cartoonist. I was not able to find another job on advertising. Political cartooning for trade-union papers was the only opportunity. Only in 1997, when I saw a documentary on Zapatistas, I launched my first voluntary artistic action.

VotR: You do a lot of artwork showing the plight of the native Mexicans and the corruptness of the Mexican government. What attracts you to the Zapatista movement?
CL: They are a people whom refuse to keep their heads down. It's inspirational.

VotR: What type of opposition from the authorities, whether in your homeland of Brazil, or anywhere else, have you experienced?
CL: I faced many kinds of. I was arrested twice for cartoons and graffitis on police brutality. Few of my cartoons were censored in some trade union papers. When you decide not to follow the System, expect for every kind of censorship.

VotR: Despite the opposition, what inspires you to carry on producing dozens or cartoons?
CL: Thirst of justice. If I have my art as a powerful weapon, I can't see people being oppressed in Chiapas, Burma or Palestine without shooting.

VotR: You have drawn cartoons that show both pro-China (kicking Mickey Mouse) and anti-China (the 'We Are All Palestinian' cartoon showing oppression of the Tibetans). What are you opinions on the government and future of China?
CL: I would not to label that Mickey's cartoon as "pro-China". It's more about a cultural resistance against U.S. propamedia. It could be in Europe or Latin America. That cartoon was broaching specifically the new Disneyland amusement park in China. I don't support imperialist nations. I don't support governments. China is not a standard for me, as well as United States or England.

VotR: What is your opinion on Cuba, in particular Castro's stand against American imperialism?
CL:  I am not in love with Castro. Seems  a bit too dictatorial for me. However, if Cuba is now a more decent and respectful nation than in the days of U.S. backed Batista, it's because of the revolution started by Castro. I don't like Castro, but he deserves all my respect for everything he is doing for Cuba.

VotR: Politically and artistically, who do you look up to, who are your idols?
CL: No idols. Some artistic references, but no idols. Mad magazine...DC comics...Marvel...Japanese mangas...all that shit. After all, I rejected it and launch a more personal style.

VotR: Conversely, who do you hate and despise politically and artistically?
CL: Reactionary mostly. Conservative. They are behind the wars, dirty business... Prejudices are fed by them. I reject commercial "art". In my point of view, advertising is the art of deception. Companies produce poison, put some colours on it and sell as candies.

VotR: Which is your favourite piece of your artwork, and why?
CL: Hard question...perhaps the last cartoon series "We are all Palestinians". Because it involved a lot of my energies and I believe it's straight to the point.

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Provincial Constitution
The National People’s Congress has voted overwhelmingly in favour of adopting a new provincial constitution for Varja. The document lays out the new system of local government and defines the areas under the control of Ciudad de Howard (defence, economic and foreign affairs). It also makes clear that national laws take precedence over local ones.

Full text:

Varja is a province of the Republic of Baracao and acknoledges it's control over Varja's foreign affairs, economy and major military affairs. If Varjan and Baracaon laws contradict each other, Baracaon laws take preference.

The Governor of Varja is elected monthly by the local National Communist Party (NCP) chapter. He is resposible for the province's internal dealings.

The Governor appoints Varja's NCP Party Organizer, who acts as a deputy-Governor and leader of the local NCP chapter. The Governor also appoints Varja's Chief of Police who organizes the province's local militia.

All members of the local NCP chapter may propose and vote on decrees. The Governor holds a veto over all decrees.

The approval of the constitution marks the completion of Varjas entry into Baracão as an autonomous province.
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In Congress This Week
The following were under debate in Congress this week,

Baracão - Menelmacar Dual Citizenship
Revised Constitution
Citizenship and Loyalty Act
Proposed Varjan Provincal Constitution
Legislative Timing Act
Decree to change of name of the Ministry of the Exterior

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Baracão Sees The Lighthouse
The Skerry Isles, a Palatinate of the United Baronies of Treesia and Fabon, this week sees Baracãoans on its soil. The capital city of the group of islands, Lighthouse, is to be leased to the Republic by the Baronies for a period of one year. Whilst the plans have not been finalised, the current Baron-Tywysog, Friedel, supports the lease, as it will lead to activity and will help the Skerry Isles prosper. The city, based around an ancient Lighthouse, will become the headquarters of Baracãoan Foreign Interests, a State operated company which promotes the Republic in the microworld. Already many Baracãoan citizens have taken up residence in the city. Existing citizens seemed pleased, and the border around the territory will remain open. The Baron-Tywysog and the head of BFI, Dafydd Young, have modernised the old Skerry Isles EzBoard to take this into account. Already the two have crossed the provisional border, from Lighthouse to the new capital, Caer Tywysog, to enjoy dinner parties and other gatherings.

Terrorist Attacks Menelmacar
On Sunday evening an unknown individual launched an ‘attack’ on the Imperium of Menelmacar. From what we can gather several topics appeared containing a word such as ‘Surrender’ and a piece of pornography. Immediately they were deleted and hysterical citizens called it an attack. Then the finger pointing started. The attack seemed similar to that in Tymaria a short while ago and the users name was very similar (note: similar, not the same). With no apparent evidence Menelmacar blamed Bobby and Baracão and demanded the IP’s of Bobby, Eldorni and Locke. Baracão refused stating it would breach the Ezboard terms of service and that it wouldn’t just betray its citizens if there were no evidence. When Baracão demanded evidence again Menelmacar quickly retracted its request.

Hysteria, paranoia and general overreacting carried on in Menelmacar. The government cracked down and put its forums on membership by approval (giving them the power to deny those they disagree with a voice we might add). Bobby was banned from their forums, despite still having no evidence it was him. And to top it all off derogatory comments were made about Baracão and its citizens.

Despite our officials having proved that the ‘fag bomb’ wasn’t involved and that Bobby wasn’t responsible, the accusations haven’t quite been dropped. Our opinion? Either it was a rogue individual attempting to provoke a reaction or something along the lines of the burning of the Reichstag.  
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Menelmacar Plots?
The Imperium of Menelmacar, born from dissidents after the Varjan revolution and since then having experienced an influx of Apolloists and Apolloist culture, ran out of its EzBoard trial Gold status on Sunday. Under Gold status, an administrator can create an 'invisible' forum, that is, a forum which cannot be seen to exist by those that do not have access to it. However, with losing Gold, these fora become visible to all. In the case of the Imperium, one forum of interest became viewable. The Operation: Revival Forum was noticed at the bottom of the Military category. This would probably not even make the news, except for the fact that the Imperial government was foolish enough to describe what went on in that forum. 'Discussion of the Hubert Doctrine, and the enforcement thereof.' reads the note underneath the forum name. This is a direct reference to removing Thomas Hubert, also known as ElDorni, the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Republic of Baracão, from the micronational world. At the time of the forum being revealed, it contained 61 posts, more than the sum of the other posts in that category at the time. Bill3000, the Minister of Culture in Menelmacar, gave the quasi-official view of the Imperium on the matter: 'I don't see anything wrong with it, Hubert, You need to be gettin' rid of.' The Public Security Bureau pointed on that it takes any threats against its Ministers seriously. Minister Young, head of the PSB, the highly equipped police force of the Republic, also notes that 'should any ousting, successful or attempted, take place, then it will be met with extreme and unrestrainted force on behalf of the Bureau'.
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Towing the (non) Party Line
“We are going to crush internal dissent” – so declared a senior government official of the Empire. While at first such a statement might seem bold and slightly dictatorial, further inspection of Menelmacars forums reveals that it is simply routine government policy. More and more frequently authoritarian measures have been employed and propaganda churned out to ensure that disagreeing with policy is not an option. At the core of this trend lays the excuse of ‘Apolloism’. This undefined philosophy has provided a perfect argument against anybody who doesn’t do as they are told.

The only resistance to the rightist currents in the nation, the Menelmacari Leftist Alliance, is in danger of being outlawed. The excuse for this? “We have a different culture than other nations, and that is to have no political parties.” The fact that the members of the alliance should also have a say in what the ‘culture’ of the nation is seems to have been forgotten. Indeed, not only is the enforced philosophy of ‘Apolloism’ undefined but also understood only by an elite who are then able to lecture on what it involves when it suits their needs. Apparently political parties are not ‘Apollonian’…what further argument is needed to outlaw them?

Having openly banned Communism and the Communist party in its constitution, Menelmacar started how it meant to go on. Under the banner of ‘Apolloism’, the opposition may soon be illegal and the last traces of resistance eliminated.

And what message to anybody who disagrees?

“you are new at being in an Apollonian nation, all of you, and you have to get used to our philosiphy.”
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Imperialist of the World, Unite!
The fascist sympathisers in Cranda have proposed an alliance with the rightist nation of Menelmacar. In proposing it the Crandans boasted about strengthening their armed forces and specifically mentioned Baracão. This alliance, should it be formalised, will represent a threat to free peoples everywhere. The government of Menelmacar has not yet replied to the offer but will no doubt consider it if it strengthens their power to expand. Free socialist nations cannot exist peacefully besides fascists and imperialists and the Baracãoan government is watching carefully.
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© State News Agency, 2002