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Volume III, Issue I, 04 September 2002

Dafydd Young Elected Chairman of the Republic!
In a close fought battle, Comrade Young narrowly beat ElDorni and secured his place as head-of-state. The interior minister received 7 votes to his opponents 5. The two candidates platforms had differed on one very important point, specifically the future of micronational socialism. While Young advocated a policy of socialism in one country, ElDorni argued that the revolution should be exported to the entire community. The outcome is likely to have defined Baracãoan foreign policy for the immediate future. Comrade Young immediately promoted ElDorni to the position of First Secretary of the Communist Party and gave him the job of heading the National People’s Congress. The only reshuffle was Bobby being moved to ElDorni’s former post a foreign minister. Baracão’s first election for Chairman since the revolution seems to have gone smoothly and showed unanimous support for the government and the socialist system. The voter turnout and the efficiency of the process represent a victory for proletarian democracy. Indeed, the nature of the election and the result itself should shut the ‘Baracão is a dictatorship’ brigade up for a while. Congratulations to both comrades.
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Economic ‘Recovery’
As promised, the Economic minister comrade Cromien has returned to the nation. Plans are now under way to get the nations economy up and running again. The system was effectively put on hold with the passing of the ‘Socialist Economy Act’ several weeks ago. Hopefully it will be back on track soon. Now is the time to take those old Pesos out from under the mattress.
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Ministry of Education Founded
The battle for ideas is of vital importance to the revolution. Recognising this, the government has decided to set up a Ministry of Education with the task of teaching Baracão’s workers and peasants all they need to know. Comrade Fidel Nico, a respected party member, was appointed Minister. The first project is compiling a history of both Baracão and Varja. All contributions are welcome in the ministry forum.

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Comrade Stalin - Father of the Nation!
Menelmacar seems to have branded some of our citizens with pictures of Stalin (how original!). This is either because they consider Stalin a ‘communist’ or because they are implying we are Stalinists. Obviously Stalin was no communist and we certainly aren’t Stalinists. They seem to be part of the ‘Stalin is worse than Hitler – he was the devil himself’ gang. While not a Stalinist, the portrayal of him is much worse than the truth. This kind of thing isn’t surprising given the current fashion of making him out to be the greatest mass murderer in history, which only works out if you blame him for the civil war, Second World War and all the famines.

“Blaming Stalin for everything that occurred in the Soviet Union would be historical simplism, because no man by himself could have created certain conditions. It would be the same as giving Stalin all the credit for what the USSR once was. That is impossible!”
- Fidel Castro.
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The Central Committee is debating relations with Cranda. You can see the discussions
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Locke Deported
Earlier today officers of the PSB confiscated the possessions of Philip Locke and destroyed his passport, officially ending his status as a citizen of the Republic. The move follows investigations into his anti-state activities and sends a signal to traitors everywhere. Mr. Locke will continue to enjoy all the rights afforded to foreigners within the boundaries of the nation. 
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Apologies for the lateness of this issue. It is that time when school starts and so things have been a little hectic. We will strive to ensure that all subsequent issues are on time and of a decent quality. Break followed by 3 free periods followed by lunch followed by another free period. If my schedule stays like that I am sure it won’t be a problem.
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More 'Bombings'
Another attacker struck several nations this week. 7 countries, including Menelmacar and Tymaria, were subjected to largely ineffective assaults with smilie bombs and other such methods. The attacks follow several weeks of similar incidents for which nobody has yet been proved responsible. While no real damage has been caused, the affair has caused people to get angry (again) and it now seems a lot of time will be spent trying to find the culprit (again). It seems pretty safe to predict that nothing will be proved (again). Perhaps if whoever is obviously seeking attention received none they might find something better to do with their time. Oh and before anybody claims otherwise, sorry people, we didn’t do it. [For more information see the Skyline] 
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Fight Imperialism!
Message from the MR – EP Political Departmen
As nation after nation is swallowed by the Empire, it won’t be long before they turn their greedy eyes towards our socialist motherland. Imperialists will never stop until they have crushed all challenges to their rule. Baracão stands as a lone symbol of socialist freedom. The Empire would have ‘eaten’ us long ago except for the brave militia standing in their way. The Republic will always be free so long as patriots stand ready to defend it! All Baracãoans do your duty and register with the MR – EP today! 
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Competition: Who is Sirithil?
Please send answers on a postcard to the Central Committee. Winner gets their very own Fidel Castro blow up doll!
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