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OK, if this is the first time visiting our lovely site...bookmark it as things change every once in a while. 

WOW!  So much has changed.  I know that it has been a long time since this page has been updated, but better late than never, right?

Here are the latest updates.

We have been happily married for a while now and Alexa just refuses to stop growing.  Check out her latest pics.

New England Patriots have one their second superbowl title in three years!!! 

We got snow...I know this is hard to believe, but it is true...about 4 inches!

I (Tim) am employed at
TEMSCO, Inc. now.  I am the Senior Integration Sales Engineer.  I'm still just getting going over here, but so far things are working out well.  If any of you know anyone who needs an automation, security, access control, or camera system for a business please let me know.  Never hurts to get a new lead.

Sara is still working at IBM, but is looking for something new to do.  If you here of anything in the Marketing area let us know.

Check out what happened to our fence!
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