The Voices of September 11th
-Thoughts on the tangible WTC disaster.
-In depth coverage of relief funds.
-Discrimination of Arab-Americans?
-Is World War Three on the way?
-Is it Bush handling this well?
-Has life changed/remained the same?
-Fear of the draft.
-Is there a wide threat of Anthrax?
-How can the individual help?
-NYC's tourism industry.
-Will the economy rebound?
-Poetry and free verse.
-Is it still safe to fly?
-Personal experience on September 11th.
-The NYPD and FDNY's dedication.
-The surge of unity throughout the country.
-Does Giulliani deserve a term extension?
     In response to the tragedy of September 11th, the idea of putting together a collection of writing entitled "The Voices of September 11th" has been eagerly discussed by Sophia McKinley and I, Lindsay Kaplan. We are currently seniors at John Jay High School in Hopewell Junction, New York, and while not directly affected, we
Writing Suggestions
have been immensely impacted by the tragedy, as the rest of the world is. Gathering and organizing the writing for this collection will be a challenge, but one that will benefit the editors, the contributors, and anyone who reads it. We hope to publish this by June of 2002 and donate the proceeds to the WTC relief foundations.

      We're looking for anything you might have written that day as an e-mail, in your journal, or just thoughts you have regarding the many changes that have surrounded our lives in the last month. Below, we have a list of potential topics for you to share your thoughts on. We would like to get as many pieces of writing as we can, from as many
different people as we can. You do not have to go to John Jay to be a part of this, or even live in New York-- we welcome writing from any one of any age who feels strongly about sharing their thoughts on the matter.
       Please send this link to all of your family and friends.

                                        We thank you in advance for your time,
Lindsay Kaplan and Sophia McKinley
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Please direct any e-mail to