` News & Noteworthy: Articles Concerning Sex Offender Issues: Recidivism
The Consequences, of sex laws, sex crimes and accusations!
Suicides, Deaths, Murders, and Revenge.
This compilation is a legislative and public servant reminder, that something needs to be done; this is not a memorial. The consequences that sometimes occur need to be addressed as strongly as prevention, prosecution and punishment of sex offenses. When lives hang in the balance, ignoring the issues and consequences -even subtly-, is not an answer. Ignorance, of laws and issues, is not permitted for an offender, nor should it be for legislatures or public servants. We are quite sure this is not a complete list, but just those we have been advised of.
Blog:A Voice of Reason: On SO Research
Blog: A Voice of Reason: On SO Vigilantism
Blog:A Voice of Reason: On SO Suicides and Deaths
Blog: A Voice of Reason: On SO Murders
A Compilation of Deaths, Suicides & Murders of:
Former Sex Offenders, and/or Persons Accused (or Falsely Accused) of Sex Crimes
This record DOES NOT include deaths by natural causes, nor does it include any who have been executed for any sex related crime (See Texas)! John/Jane Doe Names: When newspapers don't release name/s just circumstances. (A)=Accused -or- (FA) Falsely Accused -or- (FL) Falsely Labeled -or- (IB) Innocent Bystander -or- (DO) Domestic / Other incident, if article infers such.
Red background means the facts of that case indicate that -at least in part- it is attributable to the registry -or- community notification -or- a change in the laws of that state or federal laws, -or- if in prisons or jails, the inmate's crime was revealed to other inmates, or the inmate was falsely labeled as a sex offender! Cases with active links shown: Clicking on the link will take you to the news article in our story blog about the case. Over time we hope to link to all articles as they are reported.. Note: (A) (FA) (FL) (IB) (DO) The presence of one of these means the facts of the article allows one to conclude that, however, as in a classification of (A) doesn't mean they could not be (FA) or (FL), the facts of the article only shows they were accused.
"VIG (Vigilante)" cases may very well result from the offender being listed on the registry, -or- from community notification. Further, "VIG" is assigned whenever the perpetrator is unknown, or if the news article indicates such. When it indicates others died in a suicide or murder, they are not included in the totals (PS)=Public Servant: Police, Fire, School, Social Worker, etc.
(RSO)=Registered Sex Offender
(C)=Clergy / (CL)=Change in Law/s
TEEN=13-19 YOUNG ADULT=20-25
Suicides and Other Deaths in Society
RSOs and Persons Accused of Sex Crimes
w/notation if other persons were killed during that suicide.
See story blog for cases not shown below,
reports of suicides got ahead of us being able to update this suicide list.
2007 Alabama Unknown Larry Ray Palmer (59)(A)
2007 Alabama Gunshot Stephen Lyle Whittaker (40)(A) (C)
2007 Alabama Gunshot John R. Grover (58)(A)
2007 Alabama Gunshot Fredrick Renfroe (44)(A-RSO)
2006 Alabama Gunshots Johnny Ray Holderfield (40)(RSO)
(killed sister & her husband also)
2004 Alabama Overdose Sam Randal Thompson (62)(A-RSO)
2008 Alaska Gunshot Michael Able (59)(A)
2007 Arizona Murder Suicide Paul Gauthreaux (??)(A)
2007 Arizona Murder Suicide Myrtis Gauthreaux (??)(A)
2005 Arizona Gunshot Ricky Rodriguez (29)(A)
(Killed Angela Smith)
2003 Arizona Overdose Brian P Downey (37)(A-RSO)
1993 Arizona Unknown Charles Rourke (67)(C)(A-PS)
2006 Arkansas Shotgun Samuel Gray (49)(A-RSO)
2005 Arkansas asphyxiation by carbon monoxide poisoning Joe Billy Canoy (41)(A)
2005 Arkansas asphyxiation by carbon monoxide poisoning Shawna Lee Anne Canoy (32)(A)
2007 California Hanged himself Michael Mayer (51)(A)
2007 California Gunshot Robert Wayne Daffron (62)(A)
2007 California Gunshot Harold Streeter (63)(A)
2007 California Gunshot Daniel Simas (57)(A-RSO)
2006 California Gunshot Donald Wren Kimball (62)(C) (A-RSO)
2006 California Gunshot Kenneth Sackett (46)(A)
2006 California Coroner: Cut his own throat Benjamin Munhall (44)(RSO)
2005 California Gunshot: Suicide by Cop James Anthony Decosta (72)(A)
2006 California Gunshot Brian Frank Nicholson (40)(A-PS)
2005 California Gunshot Wilfredo Gonzalez (39)(A-PS)
2005 California Gunshot Michael Willis (??)(A)
2005 California Unknown Errol Robert Kolen (34)(A)
2005 California Gunshot Al Bonadonna (50)(A-PS)
2005 California Gunshot Lloyd Jeffrey Wiatt (61)(A-PS)
1999 California Carbon Monoxide Timothy Lewis Sallady (52)(A-RSO)
2004 California Gunshot Ronald Wittlake (49)(A-PS)
2003 California Suffocated Himself Matthew Lipman (49)(A)
2004 California Hanging Safwat Moustafa (64)(A)
1998 California Hanging Michael Allen Patton (42)(RCN) (RSO)
2009 Colorado Shot himself Louis Aragon (38)(A)
2007 Colorado carbon monoxide poisoning John Graler (53)(C)(A)
2006 Colorado Shot himself Duane Morrison, (53)(A)
(also 1 hostage killed)
2006 Colorado Drowning (Left suicide note) Sunil Mehta (28)(A)
2006 Colorado Double Suicide Gunshots Paul James Stewart Scott (54)(A)
Patricia Birosik (49) Wife
2005 Colorado Gunshot Laurence Reed Senterfit (44)(A)
2005 Colorado Car Fumes Robert Cook (53)(A)
2005 Colorado Gunshot Andrew A Burke (62)(C)(A-PS)
2004 Colorado Gunshot Andre Ventura McDaniel (40)(A-PS)
2004 Colorado Gunshot Donald Gosnell (59)(A)
2004 Colorado Unreported Vernon Ray Barrett (49)(A)
2002 Colorado Walked into traffic Gary Born (48)(A-PS)
1995 Colorado Unknown Richard Hammond (??)(A)
1994 Colorado Gunshot & Fell from roof Robert Wahrle (50)(A)
1992 Colorado Carbon Monoxide Richard Chung (40)(C)(A-PS)
1985 Colorado Shot Himself George Culbertson (69)(A)
2007 Connecticut Hanged Aaron Whitney (28)(A)
2004 Connecticut Gunshot Richard Cudgma (37)(A)
2008 Delaware Fire Derek Hawkins (36)(A)
2006 Florida Gunshot Scott David Uslan (42)(RSO)
(1 other person killed)
2009 Florida Not reported Guy Cevetello (43)(RSO)
2005 Florida Gunshot Robert Laird (39)(A)
2005 Florida Unknown William Burton (61)(A-PS)
2005 Florida Gunshot George William Hummel (61)(A-RSO)
2005 Florida Overdose due to false signs posted in community about him Clovis Ivan Claxton (39)(RSO)
2005 Florida Gunshot Tim White (47)(A-PS)
2004 Florida Gunshot Martin Lane (72)(A)
2004 Florida Car/Generator on Bill Burton (61)(A-PS)
2004 Florida Car/Plastic Bag over Head Gordon Richard Sargent (26)(RSO)
2004 Florida Gunshot Nelson Faerber Jr (52)(A)
2004 Florida Gunshot Daniel O’Hara (35)(A-PS)
2006 Georgia Gunshot Donald Raymond Crane (67)(A)
2006 Georgia Gunshot Robert Antonio Thompson (30)(A-RSO)
2006 Georgia Gunshot Sam Summerville (60)(A)
2004 Georgia Gunshot Ross Reah (66)(A)
2006 Hawaii Gunshot John Estrata (24)(A)
(1 other person shot)
2006 Idaho Gunshot by Cop Nicholas McKenna (21)(A-RSO)
2006 Idaho Gunshot Michael Lance (47)(A-PS)
2005 Idaho Gunshot Benjamin Nephi Wright (26)(A)
2006 Iowa Suicide by Cop Ellis Parker (30)(RSO)
2009 Illinois Unknown Ronald Vos (53)(A)
2006 Illinois Gunshot Richard A Brand (42)(A)
2006 Illinois Drove car into bridge Brent Schepp (36)(A)
2006 Illinois Hanging Jeffery Delehanty (26)(RSO)
2005 Illinois Stood in path of freight train Jon Stewart Herr (72)(RSO)
2005 Illinois carbon monoxide poisoning Eric Velmers (36)(RSO)
2005 Illinois Man shot himself 5-times, then jumped from bridge Franklin Eugene Carver (67)(RSO)
2005 Illinois Overdose David M Wilson (41)(A-PS)
2004 Illinois Unknown Ron Boertlein (53)(A)
2006 Indiana Shot Himself Tim Craney (29)(A-PS)
2005 Indiana self-inflicted lacerations David Lee Allen (39)(A)
2005 Indiana Shot Himself Melvin Keeling (43)(A)
2005 Indiana Stabbing Himself James August Ehrsam (44)(A)
2005 Iowa Gunshot Edward Murphy (62)(A)
2004 Iowa Dehydration & Exertion Joel S Bateman (45)(RSO)
2006 Kansas Gunshot Joey Carlton Ruttman (29)(A)
2005 Kentucky Hung Himself Thomas E McGuire (38)(RSO)
1993 Kentucky Carbon Monoxide Carl C Schaffer (66)(C)(A-PS)
2006 Louisiana Drove into Train Robert Barnett (49)(RSO)
2006 Louisiana Hanging Charles Guillory (79)(A)
1986 Louisiana Gunshot Jonathan W Franklin (61)(C)(A-PS)
1998 Maine Shotgun Thomas Varnum (31)(RSO)
2004 Maryland Gunshot Darrell Gene Haynes (45)(A)
1993 Maryland Gunshot Thomas Smith (68)(C)(A-PS)
2002 Maryland Hanging Alfred Bietighofer (64)(C)(A-PS)
2005 Massachusetts Unknown Michael J. Folino Jr (47)(A)
2007 Michigan Gunshot Craig Randles (50)(A)
2007 Michigan Gunshot John Doe (18)(RSO)
2006 Michigan Gunshot David Conley (46)(A-PS)
2005 Michigan Unknown Andrew Fowler (49) (A)
2005 Michigan Self Inflicted Gunshot Kalamazoo Public Safety Officer (40) (A-PS)
2004 Michigan Hanging Brian K Corbitt (28)(CL)(A-PS)
2004 Michigan Overdose Justin Fawcett (21)(CL)(RSO)
2004 Michigan Cut Throat Herbert Johnson II (34)(A)
2003 Michigan Gunshot Lawrence Kardos (??)(A)
(1 other person shot)
2002 Michigan Overdose on viagra John Michael Baker (??)(A)
2005 Minnesota Shot after stabbing 2 police chasing him. Ricky Redin, (47)(A-RSO)
2003 Minnesota Unknown Matthew J. Curtis (24)(A)
2005 Missouri Gunshot Steve E. Ginn (42)(a-RSO)
2004 Montana Suicide by Cop & self inflicted Gunshot Daniel Paul Easterly (45)(A)
2004 Montana Gunshot Narles R Yde-Layne (18)(A)
2009 Nebraska Not reported Gerald Dittbenner (53)(A)
2009 Nevada Shot himself (Was wanted for FTR) Ricardo Rivas-Ramirez (32)(RSO)
2006 Nevada Unknown Norman Collins (A)
2006 Nevada Shot himself Glenn A. Kruger (34)(A-PS)
2004 Nevada Jumped off Hoover Dam Lawrence Joyce (34)(A)
(1 other person died)
2002 New Hampshire Unknown Richard T Lower (57)(C)(A-PS)
2006 New Jersey Gunshot (Killed wife and two children) Scott McCarter (40)(A)
(3 family members died)
2004 New Jersey Drowned Brian Keays (36)(A)
2004 New Jersey Slit Wrists Robert Charlton (41)(A)
2004 New Jersey Drowning Gerhart Weber (64)(A)
2007 New Mexico Apparently Shot himself Arturo Carreon (37)
2004 New Mexico Shot himself Pablo Molina (26)(A)
1994 New Mexico Hanging Philip Wolfe (40)(C)(A-PS)
2006 New York Not disclosed Andrew Gardner (39)(A)
2005 New York Gunshots Victor M Piazza (55)(A-RSO)
(3 employees were shot)
2005 New York Gunshot Lawrence Major (45)(A-PS)
2005 New York Suicide by cop Robert Everson (21)(A-RSO)
2005 New York Gunshot Andrew Dunn (40)(A-PS)
2005 New York Hanging Thomas Carroll (32)(A-PS)
2005 North Dakota Drove into train crossing Robert A Meikle (49)(A-RSO)
2009 Ohio Gunshot Kenneth S Conway (45)(A)
2006 Ohio Gunshot John Michael Snyder (37)(A)
2004 Ohio Gunshot James Brewer III (37)(A)
2004 Ohio Gunshot Richard Borruso (52)(A)
2004 Ohio Overdose Benjamin Mallory (26) (RCN)
2002 Ohio Gunshot Don A Rooney (48)(C)(A-PS)
2006 Oklahoma Gunshot Michael Dwayne Prock (55)(A-RSO)
(Killed his ex-wife)
2005 Oklahoma Gunshot Kenneth Ray McKinney (58)(A)
(1 other person shot)
2005 Oregon Unknown Michael Shane Shipley (35)(A-PS)
2004 Oregon Gunshot Charles Ellison (57)(A-RSO)
2006 Pennsylvania Not Reported Keith Snyder (55)(A)
2006 Pennsylvania Gunshot Daniel Joseph Worth (35)(A)
2005 Pennsylvania Gunshot Arthur J Mizzoni (49)(A-PS)
2005 Pennsylvania Gunshot Christopher L Dowling (25)(A-PS)
2006 South Carolina Crashed car into truck Adam Mauro (27)(A-RSO)
(teen passenger injured)
2004 South Carolina Gunshot Charles Fulmer (53)(A-PS)
2004 South Carolina Fire / Throats Slashed Jose Denis Meza (39)(A)
(3 daughters & wife killed)
2006 Tennessee Gunshot Richard Alfonso Howard (32)(A)
(2 daughters killed)
2005 Tennessee Gunshot Nathaniel Harris (24)(A)
2006 Texas Gunshot Tommy Ford (60)(A)
2006 Texas Gunshot Jeffrey Andrew Dickson (33)(RSO)
2006 Texas Carbon monoxide Dennis Drummond (65)(A)
2006 Texas Gunshot Gerald Merrick (64)(RSO)
2006 Texas Car crash claimed intentional. William Pete DeShayes III (40)(A)
(4 people died in crash of car and truck)
2005 Texas Gunshot Peter Gerard Thompson (37)(A-RSO)
2005 Texas Officers killed during arrest Douglas Blackstone (24)(A)
2005 Texas Gunshot Kenneth E Hendley (64)(A)
2005 Texas Gunshot Marcus Cloud (38)(A-PS)
2005 Texas Unknown Zane Roy Vaughan (48)(A-PS)
2004 Texas Gunshot Julian Scott Eaker (33)(A-RSO)
2004 Texas Suffocated by Coal Dust hiding William Arnott Thompson Jr (27)(A)
2001 Texas Gunshot Gary Dale Cox (48)(A)
2005 Utah Gunshot Richard Wilson (39)(A)
2005 Utah Unknown John Doe (A) see "Orem standoff ends with apparent suicide"
2005 Utah asphyxiation Dennis Steadman (54)(A-PS)
2005 Utah Gunshot Frank Garcia (56)(A)
2007 Vermont Gunshot Ralph Guillette (53)(A)
2006 Virginia Gunshot Brett Byerly (??)(A)
2005 Virginia Gunshot Roger Dale Gilbert (55)(A)
2005 Virginia Unknown Moseman Henry Williams (46)(RSO)
2004 Virginia Gunshot Dwain O Sharpe (37)(RSO)
(1 other person shot)
1994 Virginia Gunshot John Hesch (37)(C)(A-PS)
1992 Virginia Shotgun William Reinecke (53)(C)(A-PS)
2006 Washington Tourched Vehicle & Shot himself Michael A Durbiano IV (38)(A)
2006 Washington Gunshot Timofey Shechuk (28)(A)
2005 Washington Double Murder Suicide Trevor S Saunders (29)(RSO)
(2 others persons died)
2005 Washington carbon monoxide poisoning Kerry Glen Malmberg (49)(A)
2004 Washington Train Ward Ohl (55)(A)
1996 Washington D.C. Plastic Bag & Cold Tablets Ted Llanos (??)(C)(A-PS)
2006 West Virginia Gunshot Kenneth M. Davis II (31)(A)
2006 West Virginia Death by Cop Brett Hanick (45)(RSO)
2006 Wisconsin Hanging Jeffery Todd Antone (35)(A)
2005 Wisconsin Hanging Ryan Erickson (31)(C)(A-PS)
2004 Wisconsin Gunshot to head Charles L Martin (42)(A)
2004 Wyoming Alcohol & Pills Alfred Junior Wilson (48)(A-RSO)
Foreign Countries  
2006 Canada Gunshot Gordon Tremblay (45)
2005 United Kingdom Hanged Leonard Crownshaw (63)
2005 United Kingdom Jumped off bridge Michael Kellaway (60)
2005 United Kingdom Burning while jumping from hotel David Atkinson (31)
2005 United Kingdom Drowned David White (51)
2005 United Kingdom Jumped off cliff Terry Heley (51)
2004 United Kingdom Unknown John Does Commit Suicide (See "Thirty-two men commit suicide amid Britain's biggest childsex probe")
2004 United Kingdom Overdose Simon Pape (22) YOUNG ADULT
2004 United Kingdom Hanging Duncan Kennedy (54)
2004 United Kingdom Poison Andrew Millott (46)
2004 United Kingdom Overdose Brian Hotson (49)
2003 United Kingdom Overdose Richard Robert Lee (50)
1995 Belgium Slashed Wrists John K Rogers (??)(C)
2003 Mexico Jumped out 3rd flr window Siegfried Widera (62)(C)
2006 Namibia Gunshot Abraham Roux (71)
2006 Australia Overdose Don Hancock (55)
2004 Australia Various Ways 2 John Does (see 10-7-2004 "Two more Australians commit suicide in porn inquiry"
2004 Australia Various Ways 4 John Does (see 10-3-2004 "Porn Suspects Die (Suicides)"
1999 Australia Unknown Robert Brandenburg (??)(C)
2005 Canada Drugs & Alcohol Terry Arnold (42)
2004 Canada Unknown Tenzin Rabgey (32)
2004 France Shotgun (Murder/Suicide) Bruno Noye (43)
1999 Ireland Sleeping Pills, Pain Meds & Wiskey Sean Fortune (45)(C)
2004 India Took poison Vipin Ambalal Patel (56)

Suicides and Other Deaths in Jails or Prisons
2009 Alaska Hanging Edgar Carle (52)(A)
2008 Arizona Hanging Ricky Mann (??)(A)
2007 Arizona Hanging George Richard Horner III (26) (A-RSO)
2005 Arizona Bludgeoned and Asphyxiated Peter Deakin (37)
2004 Arizona Hanging James Allen Selby (37)(A)
2007 Arkansas Hanging Scott D Walls (46) (RSO)
2009 California Jumped off 2nd tier of cells John Kopkowski (42)(A)
2007 California overdosed on psychiatric medication Steven Mitchell Griffin (44)(A-RSO)
2007 California Unknown Gary Wilde (67)(A-RSO)
2006 California Cop (In Cambodia Jail) Gunshot (gun taken from guard's desk) Donald Ramirez (50)
2006 California Hanging Steven Gerard Willard (46)
2005 California Hanging Fred Eugen Sloan (42)
2005 California Hanging James Arthur Dugovic (47)
2005 California Hanging Ronald James Fox (47)
2005 California Hanging William Martin Irwin (63)
2005 California Hanging Charles Vernon Johnson (64)
2004 California Hanging Mark Anthony Velasquez (41) (see S.J. man, 41, found dead of apparent suicide in jail)
2004 California Jumped to his Death David Robert Putnam (41)
2004 California Hanging Ronald Lee Bershers (41)
2004 California Hanging Cabutotan (30)
2003 California Hanging William George Taylor (41)
2007 Colorado Hanging (Jailed for failure to register) Timothy James Schilz Jr (24)(A-RSO) YOUNG ADULT
2005 Colorado Hanging Bradford Thomas Wagner (37)(A)
2004 Colorado Hanging Rick Lopez (37)(A)
2008 Connecticut Hanging Alfredo Ferrer (43)(RSO-DO)
(Killed Girlfriend Amanda Realie, 27)
2004 Connecticut Hanging Alfredo Quiroga (29)
2007 Delaware Hanging Jeffrey F Weber (37)(RSO)
2007 Florida Self-inflicted wounds Ronald Gross (60)(A)
2006 Florida Self-applied ligature devised from a bed sheet Eric Lynn Robbins (50)(A)
2009 Idaho Hung Himself Walter Clarence Prichard (40)(RSO)
2007 Idaho Slit Wrists Scott Noble Payne (43)
2007 Illinois Hanging Charles Harmon (33)
2006 Illinois Hanging Michael McAndrews (47)(A-FTR)
2004 Illinois Hanging DeMarco McDowell (22)YOUNG ADULT
200 Indiana Overdose Anthony C Kamman (34)(RSO)
2006 Iowa Hanging Steven Sayer (39)(A)
2009 Kansas Hanging Jonathan Mark Spooner (37)(A)
2007 Kansas Hanging Jonathan Flier (24)(A)
2006 Kansas Hanging Daryl Henson (29)(A)
2001 Kansas Hanging James Edward Roberts Jr (??)
2006 Kentucky Hanging Jose L Zayas (26) (A)
2006 Louisiana Hanging-Jail David Kirsch (44)(A)
2005 Louisiana Hanging Ron Brown (60)
2006 Maine Hanging John Doe see "Inmate found dead in cell at Piscataquis County Jail"
2006 Maine Hanging Richard Prado (34)
2009 Maryland Hanging Frank Franklin Fowler (28)(A)
2009 New York Unknown Michael York (44)(A)
2007 New York He walked up the stairs, climbed a railing and dove off Michael G Roberts (49)(A)
2004 New York Hanging Kevin Mitchell (22)YOUNG ADULT
2005 North Carolina Not Reported Thomas Camp (??)
2004 North Carolina Jumped from 3rd floor Curtis Dixon (21)YOUNG ADULT
2000 North Carolina Hanging Joseph Scott Rehrig (31)
2005 Ohio Hanging Richard L Walker (37)
2004 Ohio Hanging Thomas L. Brewer (23) YOUNG ADULT
2003 Ohio Hanging Christopher Dawson (19) TEEN
2009 Oklahoma Hanging Billy Joe Roberts (31)(RSO)
2002 Oklahoma Hanging Michael Draleaus (34)
2009 Oregon Hanging Richard Dennis Cantu (41)(RSO)
2006 Oregon Hanging Kenneth Daniel Baker (56)(RSO)
2006 Oregon Hanging Thomas Francis Humiston (31)(A)
2006 Oregon Hanging John L Richards (63)
2004 Oregon Unknown Roger Allen Steward (38)
2004 Oregon Hanging Charles Robert Shaw (40)
1999 Oregon Hanging Paul C Lyche (35)
2006 Pennsylvania Hanging Eric Amundsen (42)
2006 Pennsylvania Hanging Frank E Duval (53) (A)
2005 Pennsylvania Hanging Joseph Eisenhauer (34)
2002 Pennsylvania Hanging Wade Deemer (41)
2006 South Carolina Hanging Howard Daniel Melton (35)(A)
2007 Tennessee Hanging Thomas Jerome Swinford (45)(A)
2004 Tennessee Hanging Mark Anthony Blaydes (41)
2007 Texas Hanging Robert Eugene Bird (61)(A)
2004 Texas Slit Wrists (Murder/Suicide) Gary Laskowski (38)
2006 Utah Hanging (Died in jail in Dominican Republic) Bruce Guernsey (54)
2009 Virginia Hanging Don Douglas (40)(A)
2004 Virginia Hanging Roberto Carlos Saenz (27)
2005 West Virginia Hanging Mark George (??)
2006 Washington Hanging Thomas Francis Humiston (31) (A)
2005 Washington Unknown David Herget (62)
2007 Wisconsin Gunshot Donald L Ostenson (63)(A)
2005 Wisconsin Hanging Steven T Rundel (41)
Foreign Countries  
2004 Australia Hanging William Stuart Brown (52)
2004 Australia Hanging John Allan Stanton (36)
2004 Canada Hanging Douglas Donald Moore (36)
2006 United Kingdom Hanged Stuart Smith (18)
2005 United Kingdom Hanged Stanley Murphy (64)
2005 United Kingdom Hanged Nicky Taffe (31)
2004 United Kingdom Hanged Mark Franks (31)
2004 United Kingdom Hanged Raymond Horrocks (24) YOUNG ADULT
2004 India Hanged Raju Amarsinh Thakore (24) YOUNG ADULT

Suicides and Other Deaths in Civil Commitment
2007 California Medical care while in commitment at Coalinga Frank Valado (45)(RSO)
2005 California Improper care while in commitment Eugene Costa (69)
2002 California Lack of care Craig Black (54)
2004 Florida ?? Leland LLoyd (42)
Murdered/Killed In Society
RSOs and Persons Accused of Sex Offenses, and,
other persons killed during RSO suicides, or other odd circumstances.
Each incident is backed by a verifiable news article.

These Legends Apply to This Entire Column

"Year/State" Legends
When the background is RED that indicates incident occurred as a DIRECT (or in part) RESULT of the Sex Offender Registry -or- community notification (see case), or if inmate, somehow his crime was made public. When the background is BLUE the case is marked VIG (Vigilante, unknown perpetrator). These may well be caused by the registry or some other form of community notification including secondary notification by the public. When there is NO BACKGROUND COLOR there are insufficent facts to draw any inference from.
2007 California VIG Stabbed. Michael A. Dodele (67)(RSO) (Alias: Michael Salta)
2006 California VIG Multiple gunshot wounds Xochia Xiong (55)(RSO)

"Caused by" Legends
ACQ-Acquaintance .. BUR-Burgular .. INM-Inmate .. NBR-Neighbor .. PS-Public Servant .. VIC-Victim or victim family member .. VIG-Vigilante .. OFN-Offender's family member .. CRW-Crowd .. State-Cultural Killings .. RSO-Registered Sex Offender .. SO-Accused Sex Offender .. OTH-Killed by someone during commission of crime (Used when nothing else fits) .. LAW-A law related to registration
Note: When the background is YELLOW it means a law was, directly or substantially, the cause of death.
2009 Michigan LAW Homeless Man Froze to Death Thomas Pauli (52)(RSO)

"Person/s Killed" Legends
(A)=Accused .. (FA)=Falsely Accused .. (FL)=Falsely Labeled .. (IB)=Innocent Bystander .. (DO)= Domestic or Other incident .. (RSO)=Registered Sex Offender ..

Year / State: Caused by: Manner of death: Person/s Killed:
2006 Alabama VIC Gunshot Jim Layton Junior (38)(A)
2004 Alabama VIC Gunshot Mose Aron (56)(A)
2008 Arizona VIC Shot by ex-girlfriend breaking into her home. Terry Dean Milburn (45)(DO-RSO)
2003 Arizona VIG Shot and Stabbed Charles Thomas Snyder (??)(IB)
2009 Arkansas VIG Unknown Charles Yarbrough (??)(RSO)
2008 California NBR Stabbed Terry Eugene Maddon (39)(DO-RSO)
2008 California VIC Stabbed for allegedly making a pass at a girl. Ricardo Cortez (40)(A-DO)
2007 California VIG Stabbed. Michael A. Dodele (67)(RSO) (Alias: Michael Salta)
2006 California VIG Shot. Marlin John Dills (18)(A-FL)
2006 California VIG Found shot in his home. Jack LaRue Hood (??)(RSO)
2006 California PS Accused brandished gun during standoff, police killed him. Jonni Klyoshi Honda (51)(A)
2006 California VIC Shot by Grandmother (81) Alex L Reyes (26)(A-FA)
2006 California ACQ Stabbed to Death Gordon Fowler (74)(A)
2006 California VIG Multiple gunshot wounds Xochia Xiong (55)(RSO)
2005 California VIG Gunshot George Colbert (28)(RSO)
2005 California VIG Gunshot Mert Combs (36)(RSO)
2005 California VIC Stabbed by victim's father Eduardo Negrete (36)(A-FA)
2004 California VIC Shot by Daughter William Frakes (80)(A)
Alba Frakes (71)(A)
1993 California VIC Shot by Victim's Mother in Court Daniel Mark Driver (35)(A-RSO)
2008 Colorado VIC Dismembered by son. Jack Berry (42)(A) (Extreme Violence)
2005 Colorado VIC Strangled Kevin Eugene Hale (36)(A-FA)
2006 Connecticut VIC Gunshot by grandson Leonard Basley Sr (75)(A)
2006 Connecticut VIC Stabbed by victim's father Barry James (58)(A-FA)
2008 Delaware PS Chocked to death, denied access to nursing home because he was a RSO Joseph Heverin (22)(RSO)
2006 Delaware VIC Beaten to death Bismark Vasquez (77)(A-FA)
2009 Florida VIG Gunshot killed in his truck. Carmen Tungate (40)(RSO)
2008 Florida PS Tasered when he became violent during arrest. James Garland (41)(RSO -DO)
2008 Florida VIG Gunshot killed homeless RSO. William Anthony Surratt (34)(RSO)
2008 Florida VIG Gunshot during a fight Edner Eustache (27) (RSO)
2008 Florida VIG Body found in a reclaimed phosphate pit. William Hough (39) (RSO)
2008 Florida PS Shot by police while they awaited a search warrant. Geoffrey Shaub (62)(A-RSO)
2007 Florida ACQ Gunshot Jose Delval (??)(DO-RSO)
2007 Florida VIG Double Murder, blunt force trauma Terrance Eugene McCloud (36)(RSO) (Girlfriend also murdered)
2007 Florida PS Gunshots Lawrence Michael Floyd (19)(DO-RSO) YOUNG ADULT
2007 Florida VIC Stabbed w/Japanese samurai sword Lee Alexander (25)(DO-RSO)
2006 Florida BUR knife wounds and blunt trauma William C Medley (72)(RSO)
2005 Florida VIC Gunshot Richard Rojas (18) (A-FA)
2005 Florida VIC Gunshot Olen Lee Hepler (??)(A)
2004 Florida PS House dark, power out hurricane, police fired. John Stanley Lewis, (55)(A-RSO)
2004 Florida CRW Gunshot Maurice Larry (25)(RSO) YOUNG ADULT
2008 Georgia PS Killed after he shot two other people. STRANGE CASE Billy Corbett (67)(DO-RSO)
2007 Georgia PS Tasered Leroy Patterson, Jr (41)(A)
2007 Georgia PS Gunshot Anthony Smashum (41)(A-RSO)
2006 Georgia VIC Stabbed to death during commission of a rape Gerald A. Lee (38)(A)
2005 Georgia Read Story Killed during a crime Brian O'Neil Clark (25)(A-RSO) YOUNG ADULT
2000 Georgia VIG Gunshot Julius Grant (2)(A-RSO)
1995 Georgia VIC Stabbing Gerald Douglas Wyatt (48)(A-RSO)
2006 Idaho ACQ Acquaintenance stabbed him thinking he had molested a child. Arthur Clarkson (77)(A-FA)
2005 Idaho VIC Gunshot Christopher Michael Schmidt (42)(A-RSO)
2008 Illinois VIG Shot outside a liquor store. Ralph Bridges (56)(RSO)
2007 Illinois VIG Hit, kicked, stomped and slit his throat. Ernest V Walker (41)(A)
2006 Illinois VIG Gunshot, gang related Hallie Parrish (38)(RSO)
2006 Illinois VIG Gunshot Juan A Fernandez (29)(RSO)
2004 Illinois VIG Found w/multiple gunshots in street. Isaac Hall Jr (26)(RSO) (Months earlier shot twice but recovered)
2009 Indiana VIG Found shot in a car. Kevin K Pendleton (30)(RSO)
2008 Indiana VIC Intended victim's father strangled him. David T Meyers (52)(A-RSO)
2007 Indiana VIC Gunshot Charles A Long (40)(DO-RSO)
2004 Indiana ACQ Stabbing James Patrick Seldomridge (54)(FA-RSO)
2008 Iowa VIG Gunned down by vigilantes on way to work Hano Bailey (??)(RSO)
2008 Kansas PS Killed when police served warrant. Terry G Gordon Jr (31)(A-RSO)
2006 Kansas VIG Kicked in the head David Owen (38)(RSO)
2008 Kentucky VIG Gunshot Francisco Fernandez (45)(RSO)
2003 Kentucky VIG Multiple blunt force trauma injuries Joseph Pilger (78)(RSO)(C)
1984 Louisiana VIC Shot in chest Jeffery Doucet (25)(RSO)
2008 Maine VIG Unknown, awaiting autopsy Michael A Roderick (52)(RSO)
2006 Maine VIG Homeless, he was set on fire while he slept under a bridge Trevor Paul Sprague (34)(RSO)
2006 Maine VIC Shot at home at his birthday party by son Roland Poirier (65)(A)
2006 Maine VIG Shot while at home Joseph L Gray (57)(RSO)
2006 Maine VIG Shot while at home William Elliot (24)(RSO) YOUNG ADULT
2008 Maryland PS Shot wrong man during fight Dominique Emanuel McFadden (26)(RSO)
2008 Maryland VIG Shot wrong man Joseph G. Hickman (71)(IB-RSO)
2005 Maryland VIC Shot in chest Willie Williams (40)(A-RSO)
2004 Maryland VIC Shot by wife, daughter pregnant by father Walter Rogers (43)(A)
2008 Masschusetts VIG Killed in hit and run while riding his bike to store. Robert Lagasse (43)(RSO)
2008 Masschusetts ACQ Killed when others believed he had molested a child. Jose A. Marte (37)(A-FA)
2006 Masschusetts VIG Stabbed to death in apt. Ronald Perry (37)(RSO)
2009 Michigan LAW Froze to death because residency law prevented him from access to homeless shelters. Thomas Pauli (52)(RSO)
2007 Michigan ACQ Stabbed in the bac, Decapitated, Fingerprints Burned off, and body dumped and set on fire. Daniel Gene-Vincent Sorensen (26)(RSO)
2003 Michigan PS Four Gunshots during shootout Scott Woodring (40)(A)
2007 Minnesota VIG Set on Fire Alberto Samilpa Jr (20)(A)
2006 Minnesota VIG Gunshot Garey A Hannah Jr (28)(RSO)
2004 Minnesota VIG Drowning Oscar W Jackson (73)(RSO)
2008 Missouri PS Shot by police during hostage situation (ex-girfriend) Gary Sheets (45)(RSO)
2000 Missouri ACQ Shot by ex-girfriend Bruce Paris (??)(DO-RSO)
2007 Nebraska VIG Stabbing Andrea Williams (44)(RSO)
2009 Nevada OTH Gunshot Mark Clinton Vains, (42)(RSO)
2007 New Jersey VIC Shotgun Matthew Booth Sr (34)(A)
2008 New Mexico ACQ Beaten & kicked by acquaintence Cristobal Cuellar (62)(RSO)
2006 New Mexico VIC Shot by son Arthur Baca Sr (47)(A-FA)
2002 New Mexico VIC Shot by victim during rape attempt Michael Magirl (51)(A-RSO)
2008 New York ACQ Stabbed Raymond Pike (63)(RSO)
2007 New York VIG Skull fracture Valentine G. Wadman (52)(RSO)
2007 New York VIC Daughter taped him up and throttled him then cut off his penis Eric Goodridge (55)(A-FA) (Extreme Violence)
2007 New York PS Shot by officer returning fire Steven McCumber (45)(DO-RSO)
2005 New York VIC Stepson killed him w/samurai sword Scott Nager (51)(A-FA)
2005 New York VIC Blunt Force Trama Paul W Jansen (61)(A- FA)
2004 New York VIC Gunshot Richard Tunley (50)(FA-RSO)
1998 New York NBR Shotgun Curtis Cook. (42)(A)
1992 New York VIC Gunshot Joel Schoenfeld (45)(RSO)
2009 North Carolina ACQ Shot by acquaintenance Shane Allen Holloway (31)(DO-RSO)
2008 North Carolina ACQ Stabbed by acquaintenance Anthony Patrick Graves (43)(DO-RSO)
2008 North Carolina PS Shot by police after fleeing from a traffic stop, allegedly tried to run over a cop Jovon Antwan Evans (27)(DO-RSO)
2003 North Carolina VIG Gunshot Chester Kendale Lane (28)(DO-RSO)
2003 North Carolina VIG Shot outside his father's home in middle of night. Tracy Bernard Hamilton (22)(RSO) YOUNG ADULT
2006 Oklahoma PS Accused carrying gun fled into woods, police shot & killed him. Glen Bell (41)(A)
2006 Oregon VIG Burned in apt fire ruled homocide (Arson) Noah Paul Scott Thacker (21)(RSO)
2004 Oregon ACQ Violent Death in Motel David Evan Rice (68)(FA-RSO)
2004 Oregon PS Schizophrenic holding baseball bat, police fired Douglas Eugene Pollock (41)(DO-RSO)
2008 Pennsylvania VIC Shot by husband of woman he was dating. Lonnie Schwab Sr (49)(DO-RSO)
2008 Pennsylvania VIC Shot by alleged victim's parents Kenneth Himrod (28)(A)
2008 Pennsylvania PS Shot during raid on his home Darius Hill (39)(A)
2007 Pennsylvania VIC (liar) Struck w/hammer then shot Vernon Hayden Sr (71)(FA)
2007 Pennsylvania VIG Multiple stab wounds then burned Bryan Charles Kocis (AKA) Bryan Philips (44)(RSO)
2006 Pennsylvania VIC Shot Kenneth Brokenborough (??)(A)
2009 South Carolina PS Shot Mark Monroe Evans (41)(RSO)
2004 South Carolina VIC Shot George Manley Clark (??)(A)
2009 South Dakota ACQ Stabbed by Acquaintenance Duane Joseph Red Bird (39)(RSO)
2008 Tennessee NBR Shot by neighbor during breakin and attempted rape. David Fleming (50)(A-RSO)
2008 Tennessee VIC Stabbed Ronald Paige (50)(A)
2003 Tennessee VIC Shot by victim's mother Coy Hundley (39)(A)
2009 Texas VIC Gunshot Joe Edward Gary (51)(A)
2009 Texas VIG died from blunt force trauma Dale Wayne Ellis (20)(RSO)
2008 Texas PS Shot by police while attempting to get gun out of truck to shoot officer Thomas Aguirre (??)(A-RSO)
2008 Texas PS Shot by police serving warrant Brian Keith Dunkle (47)(A-RSO)
2008 Texas VIG Both shot while sitting on couch. Edward Roberts (56)(RSO)
(His girlfriend was also shot but now stable condition)
2008 Texas PS Hough behaving erratically was shot lunging at officer (Odd case) Daniel Hough (39)(RSO)
2007 Texas VIG Shot while answering the door Davion Crow (20)(RSO)
2007 Texas VIG Throat Slit Michael Murray (40)(RSO)
2006 Texas VIG Blunt force trauma found in burning home (arson) Kenneth Eugene Smith (71)(RSO)
2006 Texas VIG Gunshot wound Jack Larue Hood Jr (49)(RSO)
2005 Texas PS Gunshot wound Douglas H. Blackstone (24)(A-RSO)
2004 Texas ACQ Strangled Robert Fernandez III (A-FA)
2004 Texas VIG Burned Ronald Henry Enriquez (31)(RSO)
2009 Utah PS Shot Michael John Taylor (64)(A-RSO)
2008 Utah ACQ Stabbed James Harper (48)(DO-RSO)
2006 Utah VIG Multiple blows to head George Benally (43)(RSO)
2005 Utah VIG Chopped Up & Beheaded John Mayo (50)(RSO)
2008 Washington PS Death by unknown cause, possibly tear gas William Leverette (48)(RSO)
2005 Washington VIC Shot by accuser James Garrett (53)(A-RSO)
2005 Washington VIG Shot by FBI Imposter Hank Adolf Eisses (49)(RSO)
2005 Washington VIG Shot by FBI Imposter Victor Manuel Vasquez (68)(RSO)
2005 Washington VIC Stabbed by son Fred Jaber (79)(A)
2004 Washington PS Shot by Police Lawrence Owens (43)(DO-RSO)
2003 Washington VIG Shotgunned in remote cabin in the woods. Russell C Markvarden (52)(RSO)
Matthew Lee Raynor (32)(IB)
1989 Washington VIG Shot six times outside his home. Kaare Sortland (??)(A-FA)
2006 West Virginia PS Shot during shootout w/police Brett Hanick (45)(RSO)
2007 Wisconsin PS Shot during standoff Richard Lewis Catoe Jr (38)(DO-RSO)
2006 Wisconsin VIC Hammer & Scissors Ronald Adams (57)(A)
2004 Wisconsin VIC Multiple gunshots Raymond F DeBack (52)(RSO)
2004 Wisconsin VIC Hammer Terrance Bradley (57)(A)
Foreign   Countries  
2003 Australia Read Story Murderers: John Justin Bunting and Robert Joe Wagner killed scores of people for pleasure.
1997 Australia VIG Strangulation, cut up & stuffed into barrel Barry Wayne Lane (40)
2004 India VIC Bludgeoned & Buried in a Wall Sudhakar Bhole (68)
2004 India CRW Stabbed by 14 Women & Children in Court Appu Yadav (??)
1999 India VIC Gunshots Ram Singh (40)
2004 Iran State Hanged for adultery Ateqeh Rajabi (16) and 9 other young girls (See: HANGED FOR HAVING SEX...IRAN HANGS 16-YEAR OLD GIRL [9-16-2004]) TEEN
2004 Iran CRW Stoned to death because she got pregnant Zhila Izadi (13) (See: THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC CONDEMNS A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL TO STONING) TEEN
2006 Ireland VIG Beaten w/hammer, covered w/petrol and set afire by gang of vigilantes Thomas O'Hare (33)
(Girlfriend Lisa McClatchey (21) was burned over 80% of her body)
1983 Ireland VIC Son Paul Killed Father ___ Gordon (??)
2002 Ireland VIC Stabbing Jason Mantoyah (44)
2008 Jamaica OFN Stabbed by teen Everton Ramoney (47)
2005 Jamaica CRW Beaten to death by crowd John Doe (40s) (see 9-30-05 "Man accused of sexually molesting 5-y-o girl beaten to death")
2004 Jamaica OFN Stabbed by wife Byron McGhie (33)
2003 Jamaica VIG Chopped to death, body burnt. Damion White (21)YOUNG ADULT
2008 New Zealand VIC Killed by friends of victim's mother Glen Stinson (??) (A-SO)
2004 New Zealand CRW bludgeoned to death by angry crowd John Doe see "Two beaten to death by vigilantes" 1-24-2004 [1 was so]
2004 Scotland VIG Chopped Up Alan Wilson (51)
2004 Scotland CRW Beating Matthew Murray (39)
2003 Scotland VIC Shot below Eye Willie Andersen (63)
2004 South Africa VIC Beheaded by Daughter John Doe (??) (See 10-12-2004 "Daughter nearly beheads dad"
2004 United Kingdom CRW Beaten & Stomped John Fallen (69)
2003 United Kingdom VIG Serious injuries to the head and face. Arnold Hartley (73) (RCN)
2003 United Kingdom OFN Knife in Heart by ex-wife Adrian Anson (37) (Acquitted of charges)
2000 United Kingdom VIG Gunned down at his flat. Bill Malcolm (44)

Murders in Prisons or Jails
Click on "Manner of Death" for blog news article
Year / State: Manner of death: Person Killed:
2006 Arizona Stabbed w/shank William Lee Harris (??)(FL)
2005 Arizona blunt force trauma Peter Brian Deakin (37)(RSO)
2008 California Slashed across the neck with an apparent inmate-made weapon Shannon Lee Grailing (53)(RSO)
2008 California Suffered severe head trauma when beaten by 5 inmates Ruben Landeros (33)(RSO)
2008 California Stabbed to death by 3 inmates Donald Jones (30) (RSO)
2007 California Died of strangulation and blunt force trama Randy James Rabelos (28) (RSO)
2006 California Beaten to death in shower John Derek Chamberlain (41)(A)
2006 California Died of strangulation Willie Eagans (50)(RSO)
2006 California Murdered during riot (Jailed on FTR) Wayne Robert Tiznor (45)(RSO)
2005 California Beatened to death by 5 inmates Michael Green (45) (RSO)
2003 California Unknown Raymond William Maxwell (43)(RSO)
2004 California Starved by Guard Khem Singh (72)(RSO)
2004 California Bled to death Ronald Herrera (58)(RSO)
2004 Delaware Shot during hostage situation Scott A. Miller (45)(RSO)
2004 Georgia Tasered by police. Leroy Patterson, Jr. (41)(A)
2007 Illinois Tasered by guards A. Paul Carlock (57)(A)
2003 Illinois Beating by guards Preston McDowell (35)(RSO)
2008 Indiana Strangled by inmate Robert Crane (27)(RSO)
2008 Indiana Strangled by inmate Nicholas Roman (28)(RSO)
2007 Indiana Beating by inmate Kent D McDonald (44)(RSO)
2003 Indiana Beating by inmate David L. Hensley (64)(RSO)
2003 Massachusetts Beating by inmate John Geoghan (68)(C)(RSO)
2007 Michigan Not Reported Jimmy Wayne Crawford (51)(RSO)
2006 New Jersey Strangled Jason Schweitzer (25)(RSO)YOUNG ADULT
2004 New Jersey Sexually assaulted and stomped Joel Seidel (65)(IB)
2007 Oklahoma Unknown Donald Sullivan (??)(RSO)
2006 Oklahoma Stomped to death Charles A Willingham (53)(RSO)
1994 Oklahoma Stabbed to death Robert Bruce Bridgen (60)(C)(RSO)
2008 Ohio Strangled to death Harry Amick (47)(RSO)
2003 Ohio Strangled Jason E Wagner (25)(RSO) YOUNG ADULT
2008 Oregon Strangled to death James Ivan Briggs (61)(RSO)
2004 Pennsylvania Strangled Jose L. Collazo (51)(RSO)
2009 South Carolina Stabbed by another inmate. Lenmont Jones (29)(RSO)
2007 South Carolina Blunt Force Trama Thomas Walter Turner (40)(RSO)
2000 Texas Face beaten in by inmate Rudy Delgado (40)(RSO)
2008 Virginia Shot by guard during medical transfer Cody Nifong (24)(RSO)
2006 Virginia Unknown Roosevelt McArthur Lawson (61)(RSO)
2004 Virginia Beating Richard Alvin Ausley (64)(RSO)
2006 Washington Beaten to death by two inmates Kevin James Achartz (40)(RSO)
2000 Washington Stabbed by inmates Brian Anderson (31)(RSO)
2004 West Virginia Stabbed Kevin Deuley (38)(RSO)
Foreign Countries  
2003 Canada Unreported Richard Hatton (46)
1998 Australia Bashing & stomping on head John Thomas Kennett(46)

"Other Deaths"
"Other Deaths" Legend:
Innocent persons (bystanders) killed:
This format is used to show when a RSO/SO/Accused Person commits suicide, killing someone else during or just before the suicide. The same is used for odd murders/killings by RSO/SO/Accused offenders/ And Police. Link takes you to verifiable news report of circumstances. The persons murdered / killed are being shown under "Murders/Killed in Society," related to a sex offense or sex offender. NOTE: Some circumstances are bizarre, hence "Read Story" is indicated.
2008 State RSO Suicide Murder: Gunshot Offender Name Killed:
John Doe, 35

Year / State: Caused by: Manner of death: Person/s Killed:
2006 Alabama RSO Suicide Murder: Gunshot Johnny Ray Holderfield (RSO) killed:
Jane C. Stokes, 45
Brian Keith Stokes, 34
2008 California Read Story Homicide: Stabbing Darrin Lee Pacheco killed:
Paul Prestridge 28 because he called him a "chomo lover" (i.e. means child molester lover in prison jargon) (No RSO or SO involved, just name calling)
2008 California RSO Suicide Murder: Gunshot Ma Phompong (RSO) killed:
Anna McCaleb, 61
2006 California ACQ Shot by acquaintance Bruce Shaw killed:
Sirron Croskey 27 because he touched him sexually. (No RSO/SO involved, just accusation)
2004 California PS Shot by the police Gabriel Garcia was killed by the polcie when he was trying to kick in the front door of a registered sex offender's home while holding a knife and refusing to listen to police.
2006 Colorado SO Suicide Murder: Gunshot Duane Morrison (SO) killed:
Emily Keys 16
2009 Connecticut ACQ Stranguled by acquaintance Carson J Mueller (Son) killed:
Denise Mueller 69 mother and burned home claiming “he had suffered years of sexual and physical abuse from her” and he feared his two children would suffer a similar fate. (No RSO/SO involved, just his claim)
2008 Connecticut RSO Suicide Murder: Gunshot Alfedo Ferrer (RSO) killed:
Amanda Realie 27
2006 Florida RSO Suicide Murder: Gunshot Scott David Uslan (RSO) killed:
Brittany Carleo 17
2007 Florida VIG Murder: Blunt Force Trauma Vigilante killed both of the following:
Carley Ann Collum 30 (Girlfriend of Terrance Eugene McCloud [RSO])
2008 Georgia Read Story Shootout Murder: Gunshot Billy Corbett (RSO) killed:
Chad Wiggins
David Coody, Jr. 35
2007 Georgia RSOs Murdered: Strangled George Edenfield (32-Son)(RSO)) -AND- David Edenfield (58-father)(RSO)) -AND- Peggy Edenfield (wife) killed:
Christopher Michael Barrios, Jr. (6)
2005 Georgia RSO Killed: In Car Crash Brian O'Neil Clark (RSO) killed:
Kimberly Boyd 30 died when Clark (after kidnapping her) turned into the path of a cement truck, causing a collision.
2006 Hawaii SO Suicide Murder: Gunshot John Estrata (SO) killed:
Ariel Aki 15
2008 Indiana Read Story Killed: In care crash fleeing from police Lawrence K Hill (RSO) killed:
Dennis R Williams 29 (ex-wife's boyfriend)
Keahn (son) in car accident fleeing from police.
2008 Indiana Read Story Murders (2005) then Suicided in Jail (2008): Strangulation Simon Rios (RSO) killed (in 2005):
Alejandra Gutierrez 10
Ana Casas-Rios 28 Wife
Liliana 10 Daughter
Katherinne 4 Daughter
Thannya 20-months Daughter
2008 Maine RSO Murder: Strangled Raymond Leslie Clark (RSO) killed:
Audrey Lou Benn 72 (Because she called him a SO)
2003 Michigan Read Story Killed: During shootout Unknown person killed:
Trooper Kevin Marshall during storming of home where Scott Woodring (RSO) was.
2001 Michigan SO Suicide Murder: Gunshot Herbert O Sweebe (SO) killed:
Christine Pickelmann 21
2008 Missouri RSO Murder: Gunshot Gary Sheets (RSO) killed:
Jenenne Meadows 47 (ex-girfriend)
2004 Nevada RSO Suicide Murder: Gunshot Lawrence Joyce (RSO) killed:
Rebecca Roux 27
2006 New Jersey SO Suicide Murder: Gunshot Scott McCarter (SO) killed:
Wendy Bennett McCarter 35
Scotty McCarter 12
Melanie McCarter 6
2006 Oklahoma RSO Suicide Murder: Gunshot Michael Dwayne Prock (RSO) killed:
Delores Prock 55
2008 Pennsylvania VIC (DO) Murder: Gunshot Mr. Borchert killed:
Mrs. Borchert, (42)(Wife)
And Lonnie Schwab Sr (RSO) she was dating
2004 South Carolina SO Suicide Murder: Fire / Throats Slashed Meza (SO) or wife (who also died in fire) killed:
Jairo, Denise and Denia Meza whose throats were slashed.
2007 Tennessee VIG Murder: Home set on fire Vigilantes killed:
Melissa Chandler killed in fire, she was wife of accused sex offender Timothy Chandler when he was in jail awaiting trial.
2006 Tennessee SO Suicide Murder: Gunshot Richard Alfonso Howard (SO) killed:
Brionna Howard 3
Markayla Howard 2
2007 Texas Read Story Murder: Gunshot Vera Elizabeth Guthrie-Nail killed:
Craig Nail (Guthrie-Nail told a friend that a gunman forced Nail to admit that he had molested a child, then fatally shot Nail in the head.)
2006 Texas SO Suicide Murder: Intentionally crashing car into truck. William Pete DeShayes (SO) killed:
Mariah DeShayes 11
Hayven DeShayes 10
the couple driving the big rig.
2005 Washington RSO Suicide Murder: Gunshot Trevor S Saunders (RSO) likely killed:
Louissa A. Thompson 27
Peter A. Zornes 25
2004 Washington RSO Murder: Gunshot Lawrence Owens (RSO) killed:
Dori Cordova 31
2006 Wisconsin RSO Suicide Murder: Gunshot Jeffery Todd Antone (RSO) killed:
Darlene Darling 47

Chose death by some legal process.
2004 Florida Lethal Injection John Blackwelder (??)

Murders in Civil Commitment
2008 California VIG Atascadero patient murdered. Paul Rael (37)(RSO)
2007 California PS Coalinga State Hospital patient died due to lack of medical treatment. Frank Valado (45)(RSO)
2005 California PS Atascadero patient died of cancer due to lack of medical treatment. Eugene Costa (69)(RSO)
1998 California PS Atascadero patient died of heart attack after transfer to private hospital; death suspicious. Craig Black (54)(RSO)
2003 Florida PS Florida Civil Commitment Center denied patient trip to emergency room when having heart attack. Scott Gartley (??) (RSO)
2002 Florida PS Florida Civil Commitment Center, patient denied treatment for cancer causing his death. George Capaldo (75) (RSO)
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