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:: Freedom

Free your mind and let your virtual you embrace the new concept of dis-embodiment on the waves of Cybercosm.... Let your mind browse the virtual world to explore the new frontiers of an alternate reality beyond our fragile minds and beyond our limited scope. Free your will to see the beauty of the world and explore it in harmony. 13.07.96

:: Virtual You

A free spirit voyaging on the border of reality seeking wisdom and beauty - seeking enlightenment and knowledge to be able to grasp the concepts of the virtual world. In the beginning only a fragmented skeleton - in the end a whole spirit enlightened in harmony with the world. Seek knowledge to defeat prejudice and hatred and the dark corners of the human mind... 13.07.96

:: Virtual World

Floating gently beyond the barrier - beyond the surface of our mind - is a world filled with new concepts, dreams and experiences beyond our grasp. The world beyond the virtual gateway are filled with spirits and thoughts seeking other of who´s minds are not clouded by the dark figments lurking just beyond our sight. Free yourself and seek those who's minds are open and free, and experience the virtual unity of the virtual world. 29.09.96

:: Void Walker

Voyage beyond perception... Voyage down paths unknown... Sometimes steadfast and at other times stumbling... Still traveling and trying to find what is hidden within sight... To unveil what is veiled within the Void one must dare to seek what is within... Not always good.... And not always bad... But at the best of times... Difficult... Difficult but not a non-surpass-able Void... 17.10.99

Welcome ::  About Me ::  My Web cam ::  Contact Me  ::