Award Winners
Pagan and Proud of It - Award of Excellence
A teaching site with about 170+ pages with info on just about everything.  From runes to herbs to rites and rituals, to Ley lines, the Cabala, metaphysics, meditation, Chakras, and everything to do with the Craft.  Page after page of Goddess rites and Poems, original artwork plus free pagan web graphics.  This site is truly deserving of the the Award of Website Excellence, and we are proud to be able to give it to such a beautiful site.
Masklyn Arathorn, Esoteric - Magical Arts Award
A personal homepage stating to fellow Techno-Pagans who I am and what I am.  This is a beautiful site with some very interesting information.  We are honoured to give you our award.
Kindred Borne - Magical Arts Award
Our diverse organisation is both family oriented and nature minded.  Harmony within our diversity is manifest through an equal balance of mundane activities, craft practice, and in-depth study.  Celebrations within our family revolve around the Sabats and Esbats.  All our classes, workshops, and study groups reflect the cycle of the year.  Seriousness and diciplines are not adversaries, but are gateways in our tradition.  Truly a wonderful and informative site.  We are please to give them our award.
Ghost Lovers for Life - Paranormal Award
A site about ghosts and hauntings in and around VA.  This site includes photos, stories, and campfire stories, as well as several other topics.  This site has some really great pics taken by the creator.  They sent chills down my spine.  This site is truly deserving of the Award of Paranormal Excellence.