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                   Eminem is the best rap artist at this moment.Hes real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers                     aka Slim Shady. The impending release of the Slim Shady Lp his fist set whit                                 Aftermath/Interscope Records, already has the underground head fiending for                                Eminem. Chock full of dazzling lirycal escapades that delve into a mind of violent                           warped and vulgar yet extremely talented wordsmith, the 14-cut collection contains                        some of the most memorable and demented lirycs even recorded.

For Eminem his potentially controversial and unboutedly offensive songs will strike a chord whit a multide of a hip-hop loyalist how belive they have little to lose  and everything to gain.

I just don't give a fuck and Brain Damage are the two songs composing Eminem's initial single from the Slim Shady Lp. Each tune is sure to paralyze meek listeners whit their relentess lirycal assualt. Produce primarily by long time colaborators FBT Productiones, the Slim Shady Lp also features beatwork form Aftermatch CEO Dr. Dre. The N.W.A alum handled beat from "My name is"( the second single), "Guilty Concience" and "Role Model"

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