The Menagerie

Destiny by J.W. Waterhouse, 1900, Oil on Canvas, 68.5 x 55 cm, Towneley Hall Art Gallery, Burnley, England

Welcome to the Menagerie (no, not like the play by Tennessee Williams, although that was good, and I highly recommend it.) As far as I can tell, I am only building this site to satisfy my own ego. Because, what is the mostly likely, is that very few people will actually read this site, and *gasp* enjoy it. This will mostly be a collection of my musings and collected writings on history, and of course, life in general. Thanks!

7/29/04 - I think I will (eventually) post the document I wrote for my Japanese Civiliation final, I just need to edit it a little. Eh, we shall see I am rather busy generally...
4/08/04 - Umm...Sorry I've been neglecting the site, I did post a link to some of my pictures. They're on Yahoo! Photos to preserve space.

10/28/03 - I have actually updated several times before this...I'm just lazy and forgot to post it here. Anyway, I added new stuff to the gallery *grins*. You should check it out.

9/4/03 - Sorry for straving my hoardes of enthusiastic readings (sense any sarcasm?) After I discovered that college is in fact much easier than they let on, I think I've decided I'll continute to update this little area of mine. OF course, my updates will probably still be sporadic due to my easily distracted nature, but when time and my focus allows, I will find something to entertain y'all with.

6/13/03- I added an about me page, and I updated the Mesopotamia article, I also added the counter.

6/12/03 - Today I added a counter! Weeeee!

6/12/03 - Today I laid the basic foundations for the site. Nothing exciting, not really anything worth remarking on. I just feel like typing :-).

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