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 Volcom Team is now strictly a Black Hawk   Down team.  We are looking for Canadian   players who are committed to the game and the team.  Please contact Tulkas for more information or check out recruitment.

Check out some fun pics of the new Volcom Command Tower.

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Dec 12, 2003
BuddyPepper's officer application has been approved and he is our first Cadet.  Congrats.

Dec 11, 2003
Tulkas will be away for most of the Christmas holiday's so new recruits can send their info to volcom@rogers.com

Dec 4, 2003
The new forum is officially open so check out the changes to it and to the squad structure.

Dec 1, 2003
Congrats to Doc on getting his black belt.  I am sure this is a weight off his shoulders.  Will be nice having you back in action.

Nov 28, 2003
I'd like to welcome Golgoroth and .soldier- to the squad.  For all the new recruits please check out the forum and information on the site regarding promotions and such.  Also if you have any questions please post them in the forum.  Thanks.

Nov 25, 2003
There are more pictures of the battle tower up so check them out.  I'd also like to welcome the newest recruit Gamma to the squad.  Also a reminder that if you want to join a fireteam please fill out an application.  All the information can be found in the forum.


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