Oh, that Matt, he sucks.

- Callous Criminals Deface Diary
Terrorist terror ensues as Matt finds diary defaced. The attack is yet to be linked to bin Laden.

- Matt and the QCS Adventure
Everything you need to know about how Matt spent the 3rd and 4th of September.

- Matt's 2001: A Year In Review
Take a stroll down recent memory lane with your weird friend, Matt.

- Matt's Birthday List:
A description of events surrounding Matt's birthdays.

- Hit From The Vault:
Matt and Eddie's Dance Entry

- Matt To The Future:
An introspective interview with the Matt of 2015.

- Ladies:
Protect yourself.

- The Real Reason Matt Got Expelled:
Was it really for having sex with computer software?

- 2 Question Interview:
An unprecedented two question interview with the master of homeliness.



Being so close to Matt has made me the ultimate source of knowledge on the 'man' himself, bar maybe Matt.
Before our departure as friends, I found out, one way or another, nearly everything you'd need, and everything you wouldn't need, to know, about Matt.
And so, as a community service, I bring to you some startling discoveries about Matt, the shite.

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If you've got more evidence that can put the utter disaster that is Matt Strain away for life, or at least give us all a laugh, send it to me post-haste!