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Hey guys, Spike here, here to bring you some cool film news, reviews, musings, rumours and reviews. Oh wait I already said that.
This page is pretty sparse at the moment, but don't worry, it will get... less sparse as time wears on and I update it some.
Oh yeah, movies are expensive to go to, expecially since my student ID card expired at the start of the month. Yeah, I pay adult price yet still I'm not allowed to see dirty films at the cinema. Outrageous, if I had the clout I'd make a phone call or two let me tell ya.
So anyway, if you have money or free movie tickets please send them to me, c/o Bronson.

PS, Bronson helps me out on the reviews some times, that's why some might be really long, boring and stupid.

Movie Review: Dreamcatcher
Horror and sci-fi form a pleasing symbiosis, bringing us thrills, spills... and chills! Get your head hurt after standing up on a rollercoaster of madcap mishaps and misadventures with the black guy from Se7en, one of the tough dudes from Black Hawk Down, and the tall guy from Mallrats.
Also features woodland creatures with herpes.
Movie Review: Jackass
Johnny Knoxville and his similarly pseudonym-equipt clan of whacky pranksters hurl themselves onto the cinema screen. Critics applaud as Jackass provokes the audience to lament on man's struggle to find his inner woman, provides a dissention on youth's ultimate conservatism, and gives a myth-shattering insight into what happens when you poop in a display toilet.
REVIEW (co-authored by Bronson)
That's about it as far as movie stuff goes for now. If you think that isn't fair, well, you can piss off.
There's stuff coming soon, so don't be stupid.