Oh, that Matt, he sucks.

 Reasons To Hate Matt     Vol. 2

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    101.that devo and weird al shit is reason enough... plus he doesn't have acne anymore. fucker - mc-G
    102.Oh, my Gary! He just farted again!!! - Homosexual with sensitive sense of smelling
    103.Bollocks to this!! - Harry Sachs
    104.First a joke! What do you get when you cross an owl with a bungie cord............................................................................................my ASS. hahahahahhahahaha... enough!!!!!!!!! - The Chosen One & Master Pain
    105.He turned me into a Chicken and made me blind and didn't give me a chance to save. So now I've been a chicken for about a week and I don't like not being able to do anything other than not participate. - Mark
    106.He thinks sorry is just a word Canadians mispronounce. - George Clooney
    107.Who the fuck is this Matt, bitch. I hate him cause I don't know him - Quien?
    108.the girl i like , like's him more - Jake
    109.He double parked outside Woolworths the other day and we couldn't park there. - The KKK
    110.Matt is the worst driver, I don't know why I passed him! I think it had something to do with it being his 60th time and I felt sorry for him. Sorry Queensland!! - Matt's Driving Instructor
    111.actually, i think hees a cool guy. - kyled
    112.i think hes a cool guy - imamatt
    113.why kan u people named matt. the name kyle is much, much worse - yetanothermatt
    114.The Jake I like, like's him more - Eddie
    115.He's so fucking annoying - mattk
    116.He got a brazilan wax, fuckin seedy. - Sam
    117.He had sex with my wife's cat. - Terry O'Berry
    118.he likes my best friend and not me!!!!! - Sierra
    119.He is a gay (stupid) and a gay (faggot) - Gary Floosh
    120. he rubs midget testicles but doesn't finish the job. - keegs
    121. he has sex with kyle - Bob
    122. He makes poos, I seen them. They is all thick and soggy. - I live in the toilet
    123. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Shit! - Bernie Bipps
    124. He likes my baby Cookie! Whaaaa! - Cookie's Man
    125. He such the cunt - Rytch
    126.I hate matt so much because he is such a prick, he is annoyting and homosexual, needs a penis enlarger and is just SICK! - Tommypops
    127. He's a piece of shit for fuck's sake! - Mogo the Mofo
    128. He thinks Mena Suvari is hot, and pretty - Hilary
    129. And doesn't think Im pretty... thats why.. lol... hes a bitch - Hilary
    130. He can't play bongos, Los Cincos Nachos should kick him out of the band. Oh wait, is this about Matt? Oh no I like him, he's cool. - D. J.
    131. He squints too damn much and he's not a Chink. - HaterofChinks
    132. he has a stupid face - matt
    133. He looks like a chipmunk - Anonymous
    134. he touched everyones boobies except mine after he used me for my free crackerjack. and he likes phil. damn i hate phil. i only hate matt more coz he likes phil. and he came to my house with his lame droogs and left his crap car in my driveway and now everyone thinks i like crap cars. like matts. - neenar
    135.Matt got drunk and touched my breasts - Matt's mum
    136. Jesus wept!!! Just look at him.......The wheel is turning, but the hamster is dead!!!!! - The purple fairy
    137. I don't really have a reason - seriious
    139. He got drunk and touched my tits without even asking. I would have let him, I just don't like getting raped by drunk ugly fucknuts with no sense of style or dignity. - Kim
    140. He studied all night and still failed the urin test - Ryan
    141. I left a turd in the fridge and he ate it! Wahhhh!!!!! Boo-hooo! - Fatty Shit Person
    142. Fuck you - Fuck You
    143. I love myself. I feel that all these people need to get a life and stop insulting me just because they are insacure about themself. I have a huge penis and a huge ego. - Matt
    144. Because I caught him shagging his younger sister - knob
    145. His rectum smells like no other - Treatme Ly Kadog
    146. he didnt have sex with me. you just have sand in your vagina! - kyle
    147. I love matt. He's a very special boy - especially in bed. He likes to tickle me in naughty places. When his dad found he wasnt happy... - Matt's Mommy
    148. he likes boys - fox
    149. He taunts me about my bad dreams! - Emily
    150. I live with matt, and he just needs to stop drinking...he is in the autum of his life...dumb dunken asshole. - Josh
    151. He ate my tacos and didn't leave a tip. then he stole my favorite maxi pad - Mr. Satan
    152. He "cresent wanked" all over my favourite "pull mags". I can't see Kevin Eastman's wife for all the sticky! - Teenage Mutant Nurtle
    153. Well, you know... he's kinda, um...I suppose a dickhead really. - I can't spell my name
    154. Matt bedesky is a crossdresser and a retard well thats what drake says - jarvis
    155. he i a faggot and a weiner sucker and he makes out with his sister and bret Zurba - drake
    156. matt is a complete fucker eddie is hot and i want billy back!!! - storma
    157. he shot a mule in the face then made love to the bullet hole - kizmitt
    158. i hate matt he's so dumb he got locked in the super market and starved to death probably because he couldnt find a can opener - who wants to know
    159. his face is so ugly that his ass is scared of it. - happy go fucky
    160. He sure didn't miss any branches when he fell from that tall ass, ugly tree - Matt from the USA
    161. Matt has never died for his beliefs. Okay so maybe I have high standards, but fuck you anyway. - Crafty Martyr
    162. i caught him with his finger in his ass - poonie
    163. I hate matt because he is a huge FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - mary
    164. Cos everyone thinks i fucking slept with him(which i didn't) - JJ
    165. He touched me with his disgusting naked member. It looks like a shrivelled up cheerio, how he ever masturbates with that is beyond me. - Zoe
    166. all  of u blow -
    167. He lets me do disrespectful things to him. - seriious
    168. All the chicks want his doodle - some lil cunt
    169. Leave me alone - Go Away
    170. ahhh there alot of reason to hate Matthew here's a few. He is fat he has stupid and he wet the bed at the year 8 camp. - Mr. Terry O'Booby
    171. what a faggot - Sam orpin( Badger)
    172. Fatigue - Morris
    173. Who's Matt? - Savenor
    174. I have a really bad headache. - Mattt Sore
    175. he came to my house and left his car in my driveway.. AGAIN. then he made everyone leave - hi hi hi there
    176. Matt has big poos. Normally I like big poos, but whoah, those are just too big. - Helpful Morgan
    177. I used to think Matt was a dickhead but now he has a MULLeT he rulz!!!!! Mullets 4 ever!!!! Hoooo! - mullet lover
    178. While naked at my party: He straddled one of the rocks in my back-yard! - Jacob Horsey
    179. he drinks copious amounts of alcohol, makes moves on guys and girls, then wonders why everyone hates him the next day..... - me is good
    180.He beats his girlfriend and has her living in fear - Steve Irwin
    181.because he has my name - matt
    182.he has too many moles and he ran over my cat - amiee
    183. He does not work to his capacity. - Brendan Connors
    184. You people are all stupid disgusting fuck offs. why are these fagget queers talking about this fat guy giving them head? are you all completely devoid of any sense? you people will all burn in hell you stupid mother fuckers. you all should grab spoons and eat matt's ass, you stupid fucks.... - Fuck Off
    185. He is about as sharp as a marble! And his antenna doesn't pick up all the channels! - Matt's not so bright!!
    186. Matt's neck tastes like nutmeg. But his nuts taste more like cloves. - Magic Hat
    187. He thinks Iceland is a shop that sells food and drink!! - scareball
    188. He eats cow pats and drinks jam rags - MoFo
    189. o fuck im wasting my time u've all said it for me! - ur mother
    190. He Didn't Take it to the HOUSE!!! - Strong Mad
    191. he hangs out with the los cincos faggots - fuck off cunt
    192. he wasted his time on this crap insted of compiling a 'reasons to kill the los cincos boys list' - hanky
    193. he's prettier than me - kellie
    194. he's having my baby - fuckindog
    195. cause he's so popular - what's yours?
    197. He loves the black mans cock and the gay white mans ass - John jacob
    198. 59.He's gay fart with a fat arse - i love matt club creator WHOEVER PUT THAT SHOULD SHOOT THEMSELF THEY ARE FUCKING GAY!!!!!!! - I HATE GAYS
    199.coz he is a fat pelican necked motherfucka with a cheese factory cock. - noodleman
    200.hes a faker, an ass, says the worst things that the wrong moment. and he pisses me off. - baby girl

"- whoever" means that that kid sent it in. Just thought I might clarify that for the 'less bright' champions.

Hmm, quite the list. Some very cool kids have tried to be funny, and some have failed and some have done quite well. Either way, now you can contribute to the growing list of reasons to hate Matt, simply by filling out the boxes below.

What's your name?

What's your reason to hate Matt?
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