Oh, that Matt, he sucks.

A journey of wonder and excitement!
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If you aren't familiar with the long-heralded tradition of Schoolies Week, it would be understandable if you didn't find the above play-on-words title of this series of articles incredibly hilarious. However, if you are familiar with this seven-day celebration but still don't find the phrase 'Schoolies Weak' funny, it's 'cause you're a complete spaz. Although, the only reason I think it's funny is cause I made it up, and Spike only thinks it's funny cause I showed him a titty photo of my step-mum on the condition he'd think everything I did was funny.

But I digress...

For the few of you who aren't aware, Schoolies Week is, coincidently, a week-long party packed with pals, piss, and hopefully prophylactics. Starting on the last Friday of their school year, kids from all over Australia say good-bye to worried parents as they embark on their journey into the adult world by travelling to party destinations like the Gold Coast, Noosa, the Whitsundays, and until recently... Bali.

Even though Spike and I are hardly the schooling type, we thought 'fuck it' and decided to go to the Gold Coast anyway.
And so, like our fellow teenagers from Brisbane to Nambour, Caboolture to Gympie, and even Imbul to Kingaroy, Spike and I resolved to make the arduous journey to the party hot-spot for school-leavers and dirty foreigners alike; Surfer's Paradise.

The saga continues...