Victims Of Law ISRAel
Victim Of Child Abuse Law VOCAL



teacher detained


mother detained



The site intend to show the wide range of Prosecutorial misconduct,
Police brutality, Evil laws, false allegations against teachers,
Parents and especially fathers, dads,Victims of Child Protective Service(CPS)s,
and many other Citizens that don't know, Court is a Theater .

--We saved the children-- says CPS full with pride.
--CPS have done brain wash and incited the children-- claimed the parents.
Teachers and parents, their authoriy has been damaged
and they become victims of CPS and law prosecutoriat.



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Wicked Laws

Articls Injustice Israel



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לצערי החברה שמאכסנת (מאחסנת) את דף הבית
שולחת לפעמים פרסומת מרגיזה ומתוחכמת
כי זה אתר חינם וזה לא בשליטתנו


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