3x3 Eyes new

Ah! My Goddess new

Akira new

 Anime Babes new

Bubblegum Crisis new

 Cardcaptor Sakura new

Cowboy Bebop new

 Digimon new

 Dragonball Z new hot!

El Hazard new

Evangelion new

 Gundam Wings new

Guyver, The new

Ghost in the Shell new

Hellsing new

Hyper Police new

 Kenshin new hot!

Ninja Scroll new

Pokémon new

Read Or Die new hot!

Record Of Lodoss War new

Ranma 1/2 new

 Sailormoon new hot!

Tenchi Muyo new

 Trigun new hot!

Vampire Hunter D new hot!

War of Genesis new

 Yu-Gi-Oh new



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