Nick's 1302 Page

In order to avoid getting a nasty letter from Volkswagen of America, I have changed the name of my page to completely avoid any references to that company. It's pretty damn sad that hobbyists can't share information with eachother without scum-sucking corporate lawyers breathing down our necks!

The newest addition to this site is photos of the 8th Southwest Bug-in, which happened on September 24th, 2000. We had a great time there, and there were a lot of nice cars. I won three times during the raffle and scored a set of EMPI mudflaps and also some EMPI exhaust tips which I really can't use right now. Made a good deal at the swaps, got a full set of all four retractable seatbelts for my car for $30. Yay!

The weather was nice, it got a little warm towards the end of the day, but it was nice and sunny and clear. Check out the pics!

You'll find some photos of my car here also, there are a few new additions to that, including some pics of the engine and a couple of in-progress pics during valve lash adjustment. I've switched the format to a thumbnailed format that will take less time to load, but each picture will need to be loaded individually. I've also taken the individual commentaries out, there's only the pictures now.

I'll be adding a links page soon. Enjoy!


SW Bug-In 8 Photos  

Photos of my Car Scarlet