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Why use it?

This website was created by VW Surfing enthusiasts for VW Surfing enthusiasts. In a bid to help them along with both their vehicles and surfing, while documenting the Adventures we have with our Vans.

Our aim is to provide both surfers and VW enthusiasts first hand information on various things to do with said topics.

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Welcome to Volkswagen Adventures

Both Andrew (T4) and Robin (T25) are keen surfers and have a love for V-Dubs of all kinds. We decided to start this website together to bring various elements of both Surfing and VW buses to point those stuggling in the right direction or just give others something to read. We also wanted to show that T4 and T25 owners can get along as we all have the same motive, V-Dubs!

We will be taking photos of our journeys and posting them on the website for all to see. We will also list various 'Hints & Tips' which we have discovered for both surfing and camping out in your VW.

And remember, if you see us Wave!!

April 21, 2007

The VW Road Trip

We are always going on short road trips with the Campers fully loaded with boards. We normally go to the North coast of Devon (local to us) and are regulary in Cornwall. We will document our journeys and point out places to go, i.e good surfing spots, decent campsites, places to eat that sort of thing. We will also be taking photos of our journeys and putting them online. We will also detail some ways that we have found to make our lives slightly easier while on the road.

And remember, if you see us Wave!!

April 21, 2007.

26th - 28th May Bank Holiday!!!!

Yey, the Bank Hoilday is nearly upon us, we should all have our fingers crossed for good weather and good surf!! Everyone should have their vans to the ready and make the most of it!!