This is the outside of Church Hill Downs. Thousands of people gather out here before horse races. Larger picture is 17348 bytes
This is a view of the grandstand inside Church Hill Downs. People come to watch horse races. The larger picture is 15010 bytes
These are the cheapseats people can buy to watch the Kentucky Derby at Church Hill Downs.The larger picture is 14925 bytes
The box containing Johnny Damon's bats. He plays for the Boston Red Sox. This picture was taken at the Louisville Slugger Museum in the factory room. It's located in Louisville, KY. The larger picture is 9756 bytes
These are uncut bats in the factory room at the Louisville Slugger Museum. The larger picture is 15045 bytes
These are bats they have hanging from the ceiling inside the Louisville Slugger Museum. The larger picture is 3170 bytes


Here is a list of all the places I visited in Kentucky:
  • Louisville Slugger Museum
  • Church Hill Downs
  • The River
  • My aunt's apartment
  • The Baptist Hospital