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My family and I...
I'm 24 years old and from Kansas City. My immediate family consists of my parents (Jody and Willie), one brother (David), and two sisters (Doranda and DeAnna) My brother is getting married to, Paula, my future sister in- law. Doranda is planning her wedding with her fiancee, Royce, my future brother in-law. My boyfriend, Richard Gray, is the love of my life!.
Things I love...
My number one hobby is hanging out with my honey! I enjoy  playing poker (Texas Hold Em), bowling, watching movies, shopping, collecting accessores, scrapbooking, and sometimes just chilling out. I love to play volleyball as a recreational sport. I have recently learned how to play dominoes. (Richard is teaching me everything I need to know.)
I do not children but I'm referred to as Mommy #2 by Hailey and her baby brothers Carson and Conner which you will meet later in my site!
Things that I love that make me happy are daisies, Richard, seeing my family have fun together, and hanging out with my  friends.