<BGSOUND SRC="http://www.oocities.com/volley_girly_123/winmx/lose my breath.mp3" LOOP=INFINITE>
     me and britt's stuff
      monty phython
    it looks like a grape  ..i want to touch it ,
that only counts as one
  twist twist snap
   hes a jack and 2500 gallons of saliva  ashley newton not howard
   hey look its trash and trashette     aubrey almost killed me  i slapped coreys face off     kevin!!!!!
flirt   hitler      gigles laughs and moans   now theres 2 of us

little boobear and im your minnie

pancakes zelda and link ????????
must be street word for crack
i believe in miracles
taco's  furby G.I.R reporting for duty ....what does the g stand for .....i dont know
whats that animal oh yeah a centaur

Ice queens lair