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Birthstone Pearl

*i'm SO discombobulated!*

general stuff:

name-Brittney Nicole
nick names-Bit-Bri-Nick-Gidge-Andrea Jr.(haha Glen)-Pretzel(Grr I Hate That One!)
birthday-June 11th, 1988
location-FountainHOOD, West Va.
siblings-Matthew(My Brother)
status-Single & Looking (Desperately!) lol
occupation-Student-8th Grade
hobbies-Working On My Site-Babysitting-Being Bored-Playing Playstation With My Bro-Going To School-Doing Homework-Eating-Watching TV-Chatting On MSN-Dancing-Playing My Harmonica-Swimming-Playing V-Ball-Listening To Music-(again) Being Bored

favorite stuff:

colors-Green-Powder Blue
food-French Fries-Banana Layer Pudding-Rice-Yogurt Whips
movies-Pearl Harbor-Shrek-Hardball-The Fast And The Furious-XMen
actors-Keanu Reeves-Robin Williams-Bruce Willis-Eddie Murphy
actresses-Sandra Bullock-Julia Roberts-Cameron Diaz
bands-Creed-Blink 182-Destiny's Child-No Doubt-Sum41-Distorted Penguins(Talk About Your ~K~ Hometown Guys-We Miss Ya Dave!)
songs-The Dance(Garth Brooks ~tear~)-My Sacrafice(Creed)-Emotions(Destiny's Child)-Fat Lip(Sum41)-Let Me Blow Ya Mind(Eve feat. Gwen S)
tv show-Courage The Cowardly Dog-Baby Blues-Who's Line Is It Anyway
candy-Sour Gummy Worms-Chocolate Oranges-Red Starbursts
characters-Chuckie(Rugrats)-Videl(Dragonball Z)-Pink Panther(The Pink Panther Series)
fruit-Peaches-Strawberries-Black Cherries-Apple(But Only With Peanut Butter)
restaraunt-Burger King-Sampson's(Outta Business Now :()
ice Cream-Apple Pie-Chocolate Marshmellow Swirl-Banana Pudding w/ Wafers
cookies-The Little Muffin Thingys With Reese's Cups In The Middle-Chocolate Lover's Chip
sayings-You Got Issues-I'd Like To Call That Little Number An Overshare-Don't You Wish-You Know You Love Me-What Skill Is That!?(i love that)
quotes-I Bet You Seen A Housefly, Maybe Even A Superfly, But You Ain't Never Seen A Donkey Fly! (Donkey, from Shrek)-If I Kiss Him Will He Shut Up?

Funny Stuff My Friends Said:

Vanna-"We Should Ductape Her To The Floor! Wait There's No Ductape. We Can Use Snot!"
Trulie-"He Has A Really Nice Pass!"
Shell-"It's A Clue! It's A Clue!"
Eric-"I Want Tyra Banks Poppin Outta My B-Day Cake!" (I Gave Him A Cupcake With Her In It) "I'll Keep Her Right Next To My Bed."
Auds-"Hey Playa!"-"Up In FountainHOOD We Be Thuggin!"-"It's Purple Grapes."
Kaitlyn-"Hey Dude, I Like Your Bike!"
Cory-"Who Said You Could Come In Here And Shoot My Mouse!?"-"You Betta Drink It Sucka."

9: band practice
10: special olympics
12: mother*s day
16: band concert
23: charleston trip
27: memorial day
31: rocky gap trip

4: band meeting
5: award ceremony
6: dinner/dance
7: recital rehearsal
8: dance recital
12&13: 9-11:30 practice
14: flag day
16: father*s day
24&25: king*s dominion
27: 9-11:30 practice

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