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Saturday Night Volleyball

Play starts at 7:30...Each Saturday (unless otherwise stated to the left)

Please remember to donate your contributions at the gym so we can keep this going! Please put your money in the side pocket of the volleyball bag, Thank you... "ATTENTION"- NEWS FROM THE COURT

I just want to say on behalf of Saturday night volleyball, a continued thanks to Kevin Crowley on all he does with email every week and making sure the bag gets out there. We all would like him to know it is very much appreciated. "THANKS AGAIN KEVIN" Also, if people can not go by the honor system out there and donate the whole dollar, then please do not go! Saturday night volleyball is all on the honor system and if it is to much to put a dollar in the bag then find somewhere else to play for that price. If this continues then we will have someone sit at the door every Saturday and collect the money, I hope it does not come to this! thank you If anyone wants to put any information in this space, please let Mike Andrew know. For those who want to plan ahead, as of now, the status of the gym at Rosendale is- all of July, and all of August the gym is open. This site will close on October 26 of this year. I just want to say a BIG THANKS to who come to Sat night volleyball. It has been a great time playing and getting to know new people. The site is going away but volleyball on saturday night will see be going. Again, thank you for comming and making Saturday night what it is. Take care!!!!!! Mike



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