The (a) Rant Page
Last Updated:  12-11-04
To everyone I say "Welcome".  I will be your host, Ethan "Tigger" Sanders, and things around here are quite simple.  This is a forum that people come to rant about things they'd liked changed or just to get it off their chest.  The only rule here is as follows:  Send Me A Take;  Don't Suck.

As most people would vouch for when asked about me is that I am never in a loss of words.  I will always tell you what I am thinking when you ask me, even if its not what you wanted to hear.  Its how I felt, and I am true to that. This forum provides just that, a place for me to rant about whatever topic I so choose to rant on for that piece.  You may find some interesting;  some you may not.  It will happen, I gaurantee it.  Pick and choose your takes.

There will be a wide variety of topics discussed here: sports-related issues, current events, political/international debates, and tons of worldly stupidity that NEEDS to be outted lest it spread.  That's right people, it's going to be controversial.  You either like it, or you don't.  You can come here, or not, it's your choice, and that's it.  IT'S THAT SIMPLE!!!

Now that I am out of school and in between semesters, I want to catch up on a few issues that have happened in the past few months.  Coming soon, we are going to hit on the World Series and the events that went on during, highlighting the Gay-Rod incident.  We will discuss the Pacers/Pistons Riot in Detroit, I have a view on that.  We will also hit more on the war in Iraqi and the latest debacle over there and here for that matter.  If you have a take on any of these issues, don't hestitate; get your take in right way.  If you would like to discuss something different, do that too.  HAVE A TAKE; DON'T SUCK!

Feel free to email me at with any questions/comments you may have on such issues posted here.  I will get back to you as soon as possible, and thanks for shopping, I'M OUT!

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