Voltaire Gallery
"It is not inequality that is the real evil, but dependence."
                                        - Voltaire
"People who give advice are common, nothing is rarer than those who help."
                                             - Voltaire
Vol*tair'*i*an - adj., n. -  A Voltairian is a man who is bent on seeing clearly in all matters; in religion and philosophy he is willing to believe only that which he understands, and to accept ignorance in all the rest; he values reality more than speculation, and simplifies ethics as well as dogma, both for the sake of practical virtues; in politics he favors a moderation that guarantees natural freedom, as well as the freedoms of conscience, of expression, and of person; one which eliminates as much evil and brings about as much good as possible, and places justice among the most desirable goods; in the arts he appreciates restriant and truth above all; he hates hypocrisy, fanaticism and bad taste with a passion and, not limiting himself to hating these, he wil fight them to the bitter end.