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Here are a bunch of my pictures…

Hope you enjoy J

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Arches in Canyonlands, Summer 2000

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Summer 2000

Ryan just got 25 gallons of water over his head! I thought it was funny.

Point and laugh!!

The Great Salt Lake, Utah, Summer 2000

Chaaco Canyon, New Mexico, Summer 2000

It's My Party!! Well just backpacking on my b-day, and someone surprised me with a cake!!

Pretty Sweet…

Duckabush River, Washington, June 2000

Staring into the camera, on trail at Philmont

Cimmaron, New Mexico, Summer 2000

Sophomore Year of HS Christmas 1999

This is me and my best friend Chris…

Just hangin' out in the backcountry!

Valle Vidal, New Mexico, Summer 2000

On the Left!

Oh Yeah, I love my hair in TWISTS. Well I did that day anyway.