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Hate to tell you Brick LoverZ but I conversed to owning & maintaining

the proud owner of a 1978 Dodge Powerwagon!!!

My W150 is an All time four wheel drive! There is no "part time" about it. This vehicle's alias is "beast," and rightly so. I've driven from where I live in southern Virginia to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. I've repetatively driven this vehicle places that you shouldnt be able to drive, and many can not. I have had to Replace my transfer case, and an axle once . Being a classic which is still driven to it's limits, it has it's necessities. However they are well worthwhile.
What I regret MOST about disposing of my Saggin Waggin, is that I left the lowering springs ON! Oh well, I could hunt them out of the junkyard to sell. However, I don't see myself bothering with that. Someone will get them to replace their own springs, and then be lowered 4" accidentally. AT least then my NtraX© springs will live on!!


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