VOMITnj ZINE DISTRO under construction

ALRIGHT BOYS AND GIRLS .... VOMITNj will undertake a distro thing ..so far all you can get is the The Baby Wont Flush CD COMP, the Victimized DEMO and patches . If you want to conrtibute anythin or help out some hoe let me know ... still workin on the layout for this page ..i guess you can tell... >

Items Avaiable ....

All Demos 4 bux

Reckless "Feeling Violent"

the Victimized "Clear a Path for Destruction"

Swill Bastards "first demo"

All CDs 10 bux ppd

Void Control "Voices From the Void"

The Baby Wont Flush Comp BUY IT!!!!

Patches ....$.50 or free with cd or tape order

Swill Bastards - "Logo" 1