VOMITnj zine started in sept 2000 as a way to avoid boredom and contribute something to the withering nj scene. After a few months of writing and gathering submission from friends issue 1 was completed by the beggingin gof december but wasnt givin out until the middle of the month due to lack of being able to find a free xerox machine. As it turns out one was finnally allocated only to find out every 5 pages it would miss like half the page and then after completing 30 full zines ....it died... Regardless i ended up spending all the money i had at the time on making 70 some copies. They were distrubted mostly at the string of cove shows in dec and through some friends. They were givin out free and contained over 20 pages of punk literature. At the same time as this I was involved in the convicts and helping out with a friends band. As it turned out I stopped paying alot of attetion to the zine or anything else really due .... after a while my band distintegerated and i joined up with some local friends jsut to keep busy. After saving up some money I bought a CD burner and the thought of making a nj punk comp along the lines of pogo attack .... after a few weex delibaration i called some people up and they showed total support ... too mcuh to type i'll finsih this later ... fuckers! 1