This was my band about a year ago with female vocals and a pretty unique sound ... I've been trying to reform rhe band for a few months now but no one seems to be showing any intrest . So if you want to help me out lemme know ... anyhow these recording were done on my infamous talk boy and needless to say arent the best quality but you can still get the feel for the songs ... >

Suicide.mp3 (2.11MB)
Convicted Society.mp3 (2.13MB)>

The following links are Mp3.com sites that I have done for bands .

Down In Flames
the Relix
Killer Rodents

If you want me to do an mp3 site for your band and what have you i'll be glad to help out. I am pretty behind on favors though ... Apologies to the Bad Habits ... i am still working on your mp3 site ... hopefully i'll finish soon ... 1