Welcome To Vom Ztrand
German Shepherd Rescue
                                              Who are we?

  Vom Ztrand German Shepherd Rescue is a Division of
South Coast Animal League Non Profit Organization & is dedicated to health & well being of the homeless German Shepherds who are in need of placement into a new loving home..

What we do

  We are speciality rescue that knows the true meaning of German Shepherd Dog  & love the breed. We know how loving of a companion the right German Shepherd can be for any family.  Our purpose is to rescue as many German Shepherds as we can & place them into loving & responsible homes. Our rescues are with us for 14 days for evaluation. Within that time we temperament test each dog, look for behavioral problems, groom them, test them out in public to see how well they have been socialized, see how they are with other dogs, see what obedience they know & what games they like to play if any. If the dog gets along with our personal dogs his/her time is spent with us in the house as part of our family. Otherwise we rotate so all have time with us.
  While they are with us we give them some training & behavior modification if they need it. We do these things to give you a better knowledge of the dog & the dogs needs. We will inform you of all the things we have been doing with the dogs care, any history we are have, obedience, play, feeding, ect.
  Our dogs come to us needing all the love & care we can give them. Some come from abusive homes, some come from homes where people can no longer keep them & some come when there is a death in the family.
  We only show our Rescues by appointment only.

Before You Adopt a Dog

  Before adopting a German Shepherd  be sure that you want to take on a lifetime commitment. Do you have lots of time for a German Shepherd?  They love human companionship & need to be with you, not  always in the back yard. You should plan on keeping and caring for your German Shepherd for his/her entire life Think about how the dog will fit into your household as a companion, do you have a cat will the dog & cat get along, if dog digs a hole in your rose bed will you be upset or understanding about it, & what guidelines do you have set that you want your German Shepherd  to live by. Think about all the things you can live with, that a German Shepherd can do. 
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