Welcome to the website for the recreated Hessian Regiment von Bose. We are dedicated to the accurate portrayal of the typical German soldier as he appeared during the American War of Independence. We participate in events all over the East Coast of the United States & have been to Europe for events there. These events range from battle reenactments, to living history events, to historic timelines. The Regiment von Bose was founded during the United States Bicentennial in 1979, with our first appearance at the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Savannah GA. Since then we have been to hundreds of events. Our group is a member of the Brigade of the American Revolution (BAR) and is affiliated with the British Brigade and the blanket organization for the more authentic "Hessian" regiments, the Militär-Verein Germania.


members of the recreated Infantrie Regiment von Bose in camp

Due to the number of conflicts Britain was involved with globally at the time the American Revolution broke out, King George found himself in need of more troops to quell the rebellion. As was the custom of the time period, he signed a treaty with several German Principalities to essentially lease their armies for the duration. These troops, from several German states were commonly referred to as Hessians, because the largest block of troops came from the state of Hesse Cassel. The total number of German troops committed to the conflict eventually reach about 33,000- almost a full third of the total Crown forces. The Hesse Cassel army was based on the Prussian army of the time and was among the most professional in Europe. The 8th infantry regiment came to the American shores as the Regiment von Trümbach and changed names a couple years later when Carl von Bose became the regiment's Chef, or commander. Von Trümbach/Bose participated in many of the major events of the war, including the actions in New York, Stono Ferry, Eutaw Springs, Savannah, Charleston, Guilford Courthouse and Yorktown. At Guilford Courthouse the regiment received special note for it's bravery as they fought back-to-back to battle foes on both sides. The main body of the regiment surrendered with Cornwallis's army at Yorktown. The Grenadier company remained in New York and returned to Hesse Cassel from there. Regiment von Bose was raised as the Regiment von Shöepping and served with distinction in the Seven Year's War as the Regiment von Mansbach. The red neck stocks worn by the regiment signify it is a veteran regiment.


the grenadiers of von Bose repulse a rebel attack at Camden SC

The Grenadier Company of von Bose is primarily based in the southeastern states of the U.S., though we have had members as far north as Ohio. Currently the membership ranges from northern Virginia to below Tampa, Florida. All practicing is done when we get together at events. Our events range from northern Florida to upper state New York. We travel as far as necessary to attend the larger events. Currently we are scheduling a trip to Germany in 2003. We are open to anyone 16 years or older. Those too young to carry a musket may become a drummer or fifer. Women were also part of the overall picture, as campfollowers traveled with their soldier husbands to wash and mend. The ratio was approximately one woman per six men. The women did not do the cooking, contrary to a lot of tableaus you may see in the hobby. Likewise our recreated von Bose campfollowers do not do the majority of field cooking, rather they portray the German females as close to what might have been as our current research indicates. To be a member of von Bose is to be a member of a much larger group called the Militär-Verein Germania. This is a confederation of all the larger & more authentic German regiments. We freely trade information and sources toward the common goal of authenticity and uniformity. At a recent event at Trenton NJ we fielded almost almost 50 men under arms. Since we all use nearly identical clothing patterns and drill, the effect is that of one large unit with several companies, including grenadiers, fusiliers and hat companies


Our uniforms are near museum quality replicas of the originals. The materials & construction have been

Hesssian musicians in their distinctive coats

carefully researched by amateur & professional historians. We portrayed the regiment's Colonel's Company during the Bicentennial and for some years after before switching to the Grenadier company in the mid-1980's. 

an original watercolour of Regiment von Trümbach as they appeared just before leaving Hesse for America

Our uniform appearance is as they would have been outfitted shortly after arriving in New York in the summer of 1776, or "off the boat" as it is known within the hobby. Our accouterments are based on actual existing artifacts where possible. We are constantly improving our gear as new information surfaces. Our tentage is correct for the period & we have a full 18th century camp kitchen which we make entirely functional. Everything down to the smallest item in our knapsacks is correct for the period. Our weapons are either the famed Potsdam musket, available in limited numbers from a few craftsmen that hand build them, or the more readily available British Brown Bess muskets, available from a variety of sources. Currently the cost for a Bess is about $700 with the Potsdam being double that. Either is authentic. They came over with Potsdams, but were replaced with Brown Bessses as they wore out. We have "loaner equipment" to help a new member field without laying the cost out entirely at once, and we allow a year from beginning for a person to complete their gear. Since we make the majority of the uniform ourselves, it is possible to keep the price down. If a member has a particular talent, it may be possible to barter for some items.

If you are interested in more information on how to be a part of our unit, click here to drop us an email.

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