A History of the von Bose Family

The Bose Book (1956)

Table of Contents

Introductions and Explanations
Notes from the Editor(s)
Book Cover
First Page
Our Arms
Heraldic Principles in Relation to Our Arms
A Few Remarks on Crowns
Arms Chart 1
Arms Chart 2
Family Charts
Organization of the Family
Family Chart 1
Family Chart 2
Family Chart 3
Family Chart 4
Family Chart 5
Family Chart 6
Family Lists (Out of respect for the privacy of those still living, I have not included the information for
people born after 1906 unless I had documentation or personal knowledge that they are deceased.)
Family List 1
Family List 2 The Franconian Branch
Family List 3 The Frankleben Branch
Family List 4 The Ammendorf Branch
Family List 5 The Vogtländ Branch
Family List 6 The House of Texas

The Bose Book (1980)

Table of Contents


The 100th Anniversary Book of the Bose Family Organization

Table of Contents

The First Family Reunion 1898 - a poem (German and English)
Genealogy of the Bose's/Resources for Family History
Traditions and Legends
The First Bose Ancestors
Overview of Family Reunions
Documents from the Organization's Archives
Bose Family Reunion - a brief description of each one up to 1996
A Speech by Senior Dietrich (family number F 137) given in 1965
with Afterword by Carl (family number F 155)
Bishop Johannes
Rights and Duties of the Members of the von Bose Family Organization
also those who are members of the Organization of "the Saxon Nobility"
with an Overview of the Historical Rights of Nobility
Duties, Responsibilities and Functions of the European Nobility Commission
with the Ethical Code of the European Nobility
Tasks for Historians and Genealogists

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