We are Kip and Marcia Geyer of Ft. Wayne, IN. We have been members of the SV since 1996 and the DVG of America since 1998. We have taken a couple of our dogs to nationals and other events. Our pups have been placed Anywhere from pet to working homes. Some have gone to Sport, Police K-9, Seeing Eye Dogs, Personal Protection, Security and so on.

We do work full time jobs. This is our hobby. Not the way we make our living. You will see that in how we price our puppies. As most of you know it. We take pride in our dogs and watching some of our pups grow up to become working dogs.

All of our dogs are imported or from titled dogs. They are also titled and have been OFA'd or the equivalent from Europe. All of our Males are VPG3, and the females atleast a VPG1.

Feel free to contact us about our dogs, puppies, or training.

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