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v. catherine von
department of cultural linguistics, university of westminster

I hold a doctorate in Alternative Culture and Micromedia Studies from Haldane State University and have undertaken post-doctoral studies on popular culture in the Professional Program at the Univeristy of Toronto. My research interests are varied but concentrate on interdisciplinary approaches to media, genre, and science history. I have had the opportunity to teach and lecture in the Japan, the South, "Usa", Canada, and Europe on the production of cultural meaning through the mass media and on the impact of the media on individual conceptions of identity and gender. Besides serving as the Department's Coordinator, I am also active in the Honors Program, the Micromedia Studies major, and the Womyn’s Studies interdisciplinary minor.

Recent essays

~ with Stephen K. A. Bailey. "Discourses of Genre: The dialectic paradigm of context and expressionism"
~ "Expressionism in the works of Gibson"
~ "Lacanist obscurity and deconstructivist feminism"
~ with Martin F. O. Reicher, Department of Sociology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. "Subsemiotic discourse and Batailleist `powerful communication'"

Course Responsibilities
in the Department

Advanced Media Studies Seminar: The Self in the Media Age
Communication, Media and Society
Communication Theory
Interpersonal Communication
Introduction to Mass Communication
Mass Media and Society
Mass Communication Theory
Media and Culture
Media Criticism
Organizational Communication
Persuasion Through Media
Principles of Media
Rhetoric and Society: Intel and "the Babe"
Television as a Social and Cultural Force
Understanding Film: Plots and Funcitons of "Les Autres" in Quebec Media
Womyn in Media Representation