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Live Microscope Webcam

I am sorry to tell you (and myself) that, 2 days after I started this page, my camcorder got some defects .
After a few days I decided to broadcast again in spite of a few annoying side effects (see blog).

Please wait a few moments for your mediaplayer to start automatically.
This webcam is not continuously available for 24 hours a day.
Best chances are from 12.00 - 18.00 and sometimes also from 18.00 - 00.00 (GMT +1).

                 Water from a pond

- Framerate:    15-25 frames/sec.
- Stream:        2048 - 4096 Kbps.
- Resolution:    320 x 240.
- Enlargement: Totally (mostly) ca. 850x or 5000x (on a 17" monitor
fullscreen ).


( presumably frequently asked questions )

What microscope do you use?
A "light-microscope". My parents bought it for me, my brothers and sister 25 years ago for about f 600,- (ca. 275 euro).
Possible enlargements of the microscope: 30x, 50x, 60x, 75x, 100x, 150x, 360x, 600x, 900x. Mostly, I will use 60x and 360x which seem most suitable.
The enlargement caused by monitor and camera is about 14,2x. I measured and calculated this by using a ruler under my microscope with 30x enlargement.
With my camera on max. zoom (10x) and a 17" monitor (fullscreen), the total enlargement is about 850x resp. 5000x.

Which webcam do you use?
A (non-digital) Hi-8 Sony ccd-tr2000 camcorder, which is connected to my computer with an 's-video'-cable.

How do you place the camcorder?
I use a stand where the camcorder is placed in. The camcorder is placed directly above the microscope.

How do you adjust all this?
Good question!
I do not remove the ocular from the microscope nor the camera lens. I maximum zoom my camera (10x).
The focus and exposure are set by hand.

How fast is the drop of water under the microscope vapourizing?
Normally I would need to replace the slice every 30 minutes. However, I used some (silicon) grease on the edges of the slice.
Now I need to replace the slice about once a week.

Are you always behind the microscope to adjust the settings?
As you probably expected, I am not, because i have a life too :-). That's one of the reasons why you will not always see much of interest (although you can be lucky).
Then also the picture can be unsharp sometimes. From time to time I will try to check wether I have to adjust some settings or look for a different object.
Most organisme move (sometimes very fast) so they get out of sight. Once in a while I will try to follow one.

Is this your profession?
No, it is only an hobby. Therefore I often wouldn't be able to tell you what you are looking at, or what is going to happen. Unless you are a professional, I am probably (often) as surpised as you are.


- 28 november 2007: Webpage & Camcorder started
- 30 november 2007: Only 2 days after I started this webpage, my camcorder got some serious defects
- 01 december 2007: Some strange bugs appear in my webpage after uploading, that leads to annoying malformed texts. I will have to look into that.
- 04 december 2007: I googled a bit and found that the annoying text bug is already known but never fully acknowledged and fixed by the provider. For now I will use a workaround by editing the uploaded webpage.
- 04 december 2007: I did some tests with my camcorder. I cannot adjust any setting by hand anymore like focus or exposure. As a result, the camcorder can start autofocussing or adjusting the exposure any time. Because of that, also some edges from the diaphragm will (more or less) be visible. For now, I decided to start streaming again in spite of these annoying problems, because it doesn't look like there will be a completely satisfactory solution in the short run.
05 december 2007: To improve quality, I changed the bitrate to 2048 Kbps temporarily, for testing.
- 06 december 2007: Bitrate set back to 512 Kbps.
- 17 october 2008: Resolution change: 400x300; Bitrate 2048 Kbps.
- 17 october 2008: 1000th visitor  ( I was probably responsible for 800 of those visits :-) ).
- 26 january 2009: Resolution change: 320x240; Bitrate set to 4096 Kbps.


- you forget to watch your favourite baseballgame;
- you get addicted;
- you forget to do your homework;
- your food burns, or your house and you forget to extinguish;
- you buy a microscope that you can't afford;
etc. etc...
please don't blame me. I cannot be held responsible for any physical, mental, financial or whatever harm this page can do to you directly or indirectly.


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