Aboot Meeeeeeeeee
Mostly people hate me coz i smell and like to eat too much pie.
i have found the big heouge question survey - well actually no i lie, vic sent it to me coz she had it stored and i didnt. wahey thank u :-)


14th January 1987

my ickle white house


msn msn msn msn msn (addict)
JAFFA CAKES!!!!!!!!!! (mcvities)
blowing stuff up
driving cars - big big fun
robinsons apple & blackcurrant juice
hmm, thinking.... there will be more o yes there will - o yer:
music, could not live without music. NO POP CRAP ever ever EVER!
downloading music
sun lollies (strawberry ones)
gta3 - boss boss game
films that i can think of wot i hav liked be Pulp Fiction, The Matrix, Road Trip, all Star Wars ones coz they rule, erm ok cant think of ne more rite now
tv - mitm, friends, eastenders, trigger happy wen it's on, BIG BROTHER!, simpsons, thinking... ok brain broke but i know there's loads more
PRAWNS!!!!!! lolol
having money lol
my family - cool brothers


pop crap
big spiders
pigeons, they really freak me out when they go "coo-coo"
pure orange juice, orange squash is ok but i dont like the pure stuff
nail scissors
bitty yoghurt
bitchey people that think they're better than everyone else

Interesting but irrelevant facts:

i can very nearly put my legs behind my head but not quite
i have been electrocuted by mains electricity twice, and by leccy fences more times than i can remember
in my name is a word... pHOEbe, lol, but im not honest hehe.
my hair once caught fire
i was fat wen i was little
i have never broken a bone
i collect bells (i have about 50)
my mobile is in spanish
so is my hotmail account
the last thing i ate was a yorkie bar


Colour: turquoise
TV Show(s): ive sed this b4 but mitm, friends, 'enders, o i 4got jackass b4, big brother, there is more but cant b botherd really
School Subject: spanish
Sport: at the moment tennis
Board Game: i hav always like cluedo coz im gud @ it, hullabaloo can be fun, i always always lose in monopoly so i always go the dog so i can be a ghost dog at the end and pretend to piss on peoples properties lol
Magazine(s): at the moment heat
Book(s): nineteen-eighty-four coz it's goddam freaky and quite scary really
Things to do at the weekends: whatever takes me fancy
Cold drink: blackcurrant juice
Hot drink:  blackurrant juice (microwaved)
Ice Cream: Strawberry yum yum yum
Sweets: drumstick lollies
Song at the moment: C is for Cookie. hahaha not really, erm I duno.
Song ever: way too many to list.
Band: lots, Nirvana, Prodigy, REM, oOo at the moment in luvin The Hives theyre way cool, and The White Stripes and The Strokes and The Vines. The Beatles coz they rule. Oasis. The Manics, Travis, Coldplay. ok im bored of this bit now.
Singer: blah go away
Poet: who cares?!
Movie(s) at the moment: erm I neva really go the cinema all that much so duno avnt seen any recent films.
Movie(s) ever: i answered that far above so i'll paste:
films that i can think of wot i hav liked be Pulp Fiction, The Matrix, Road Trip, all Star Wars ones coz they rule, erm ok cant think of ne more rite now
Number: 7
Animal: cats and dogs both equally 


Roller coasters - deadly or exciting: exciting
Pen or Pencil: pencil if it's a sharp one coz my writing looks better in pencil
Future son's names: erm, horris. nah I duno
Future Daughter's names: I dunt nooooo
Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla if ice-cream but if not then chocolate
Croutons or Bacon Bits: what r croutons?
Thunderstorms - cool or scary: way cool
Smarties or M&M's: smarties. am kinda allergic 2 nuts.
The first thing you think of when you wake up: erm. I realy don't hav a clue.
How many rings before you answer the phone: depends how near the phone is
If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be: jesus lol, "so, r u really god?"
Ideal job: sumthing with laguages
If you could dye your hair any colour, what would it be: I already do, blonde.
What's under your bed:nothing my mum tidied my room yesterday wen I was out! yay!
What is your dream car: Lambourgini Diablo. very very cool.
What's on your mouse pad:  o it's the sweetest - a kitten with it's head resting on a pillow, asleep, wearing cat head shaped sunglasses. If you could be one gardening tool, what would you be: a hoe. hahaha not really, i duno, strange question.
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