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Schoolio 31st March 2003!

-Cat in class
-OMG! Scary Mike's actually *not*
killing someone!!

-Liz OD
-Twinbo (Laura) in darkness :-O
-Twinbos! (Me and Lau)
-Everyone in a mad rush for the
yearbook votes

-PHSY GROUP! Est, Trotts, me.
-"Pervert" Dr.Pool said after Trotts
took the pic.

-Yes I took it myself
-Randomness on the yard
-Random mates on *our* steps
-Randomness on the yard, again.
-AWWWWWWW!!! Fletch and Vic
-Chris doing his freaky eyes thing
-Girlies minus nic!
Lau, Cat, me and then Vic at the front lol

- Nic, Lau, Me, Cat, Vic
-Cat and Simon being a perve
-And again
-Hand statue of DOOM
-Good ol' Dave.R in R.E
-Cat and moi in R.E
-Please don't kill me
-Twinbos again
-Luke and Liz in english
-Danny *B*(yawning) and Rooney
from across the class

- :-O It's Mario!
-This was as Mario was conferscating
the camera from Luke..

- I assure you Laura *was* on that bus!
- Luke decided to take a picture of a
random unsuspecting Merchants girl..

- Yes... he took two.
- Me being random and Edd PURPOSEFULLY
looking uninterested

- Yes he had his eyes closed
*on purpose*... big DOOMPIE! hmm..

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