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April Fools Day 2003!

-Phil.E in French
-Err yeah... John took this pic lol
-"What was that flash??"
"Oh yeah miss was just turning it off..."

-Cat.W and Abi
-Don't really know about this..
-Me being a freak and Cat
-Vic being normal, me being
a freak again, and Lau looking erm
random with her werthers originals

- 8-|
-Yer I just stuck my hand out
of the door...(turdish pic)

-Laura being smiley...on her way to

-I was bored in my *DOUBLE free*
so I read this

-Nic said my lunch was just WRONG.
I agreed.

-Luke eating his *nice* food from *nice*

-If you look closely you'll see a bright
blue blob crossing the yard

-Cat, with a mysetious *glow* behind
-Erm yeah, the wind was making
our skirts go big... :-S

-Blurry pic of Cat, dunno
why I put it up

-Fletch semeye trying to
escape camera of DOOM

-Ben and Alex... yes they're sharing a coat. lol.
-LOOK at moi!
-"If we press down hard enough
we may yet squish your head.."

-Paul cunningly disguised as a sandwich
-Bootiful.(Cat's arm)
-Luke and Laura approaching from the

-Hmm yeah me Luke and Lau
-Ste and Jordan
-Her friends were watching as
Luke took a pic of her ass lol

-They got bored of staring at
Luke quite soon though

-Nick.R, Ali and erm *random* approach
-I actually took this by mistake

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